Who's Adopting Me

What happens when you get adopted by the world famous boy band member Liam Payne. Fallow A.J. through heartache, doctor vists, and marrage of two people she loves.


2. Pack your bags


          When the girls saw the spider gone they were like rejoiced and jumping up and down. I just walked right past them they looked puzzled than finally Brooke asked what the hell was wrong with me. Then I was pissed off even though i knew i would be put into the hole i punched her. Then Alysia went and got Ms.Bertha and i was thrown into the hole. There was one in every room. It was a dicousting area  the in between the walls. The longest i was ever there was three days for throwing up on Alysia. Then when i was locked in those to twits had the nerve to walk up and say that this was good for me anyway i wouldn't get picked by Harry Styles anyway. So since they were so close i dicided to spit on them and laugh.

Zayn's POV

                   Harry looked pissed off about something the whole way to Doncaster. Finally Niall i guess got annoyed and blurted out "what's wrong with you, your being a total arse. Then he snapped harry was hotter than hot "Si's making me adopt a fricking child that I don't want." he spatted. Well we landed and we had to go to the place where the child was. When we got there all the girls were yelling except there that looked cool for three reasons. 1. Everyone of them had exotic hair one had electric blue, another hot pink, and the last fuscisa, 2. They all had peirceings somewhere besides there ears 3. One of the girls had a tattoo of a sixteenth note on her arm.


                When the adopters came all the girls went running for them except me, my best friend Angelica, and Madiline. Then one with a quiff noticed us me with my tattoo and piercings and electric blue hair. I dicided to ignore him and go on talking about Eminem.  When I saw the one with a buzz cut come over i was flipping out.

Liam's pov

                I saw three girls talking in the corner i walked up to them and picked up on their conversation. I dicided to jump in and they turned around they looked like you just messed with a girl who was in a pissed mood already. then one with blue hair said in a nice sweet voice said " can we help you" "um yeah one minute" i was all i was able to spat out. they looked puzzled i went to get Harry and they were waiting talking. when we got their harry looked at the one with blue hair and said "pack your bags" i took that as a yes to my question.        

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