Who's Adopting Me

What happens when you get adopted by the world famous boy band member Liam Payne. Fallow A.J. through heartache, doctor vists, and marrage of two people she loves.


3. Hospital and the truth

A.J's Pov

               When a man with curly hair told me to pack my bags i just listened and packed. When i had my back turned Alysia and Brooke walked up and beet the crap out of me. A blonde hair boy came up and pulled them off me and started screaming before i blacked out.


Niall's POV

            At the orphanage i walked in to see if the girl Harry adopted was ready and she was getting beaten up and i had to pull them off her. When i looked her head was bleeding and she was ghost white. then the blonde one said she was an ugly ginger anyway she should have died." I picked her up and since the hospital was two blocks away i ran her there.


At the hospital

I woke up to bright white lights and me getting stitches. I saw five guys around me and then it all came back to me. "Who are you" i asked. then one with blonde hair and an irish accent said "i'm Niall this is Liam, Louis, Zayn, and your dad Harry." I looked assured, then my dad asked my name. i looked sacred but i answered him and said"Amanda Jane". Then i realized this is the same doctor i had before, because she looked down at me. "yes" was all i said. "werent you her like three days ago for a pregnacy test and abortion phanphelt." she spoke. Finally Liam was the only own not in shoke to ask why and the doctor said we could go. The car ride was tense and when we stepped through the doors they sat me down and made me tell them what happened.  

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