Who's Adopting Me

What happens when you get adopted by the world famous boy band member Liam Payne. Fallow A.J. through heartache, doctor vists, and marrage of two people she loves.


7. Authors note

Listen please dont hate on that last chapter. That suicide note was a rough draft from when i was going to kill myself then i thought how great my life is. LISTEN if your doing self harm stop. If you need someone to know who cares about you think of me, even though i dont know you i still care. No one decides their fate it chooses you but you can change it, no one desevers to die. I know it sounds wierd but trust me I found music that snapped me out of this trance and now i am priceapal cello in sixth grade with a ton of haters who dont touch me. By the way if your feeling down go check out What the hell by avril livinge it's hilarious. Anyway i know this was long but i need to put it out there. 

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