15 years later

When she falled in love with her high school teacher she knew that was impossible love.Love makes people make a lot of mistakes and so does this one,so-called "sweet mistake".After so many years, their love is not lost...
Based on true story from my country,sorry for grammar mistakes Im not from America or some other places where english is used. Have a good reading :)


1. new life

Oh god, my parents really dont understand me, do not understand that my life just became one horror. If we move to another city we're going to change our habits.To not just changing the furniture or changing flat.It is hard for me as I leave the New Castle town where I was born ...

After we moved the days have become boring.My parents work as a detective, solving cases brings the whole family in danger. When I was little I wanted to become a detective. Now I think it's a bad job. Because of their work, I had to leave the city. When I said that I want to be alone they  not allowed that. I had no choice but to move here. Jacksonville excellent city for live, sea and other things that make him perfect.

I've always loved this city, but I never thought of going to live here. in New Castle I have a lot of friends, most difficult for me was to leave Alison,Lucy and Emily. 4 of us, we were always together, when I was supposed to go, they have come to have a coffee and we talked a full two hours. Parents are naturally yelled about that. I think that I will never in Jacksonville have the same friends.

I arrived, the street was full of people. "On the left side is our house and Caroline, what do you think which one  I chose" dad said, I watched that houses but it all seems the same, and of course I didnt want to answer that question. I tried to keep as much an expression of anger.

"We arrived," Mom said, my little brother ran out and immediately went to see a small tennis court which was located next to the house. I slowly went out of the car and immediately asked mum "Where can I find my room"  she answer"on the second floor has a room that is specially decorated for you, away from the others. Just go up and you will soon find". I look at her and tell coldly "thanks mom". I went to my room and just as mom said I quickly found a room because it was away from the others. Dad entered my things I had planned immediately unpack but I was tired and decided to lay down to do it later.


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