summer love

Aubrie and Gracie are finally out of high school and are going to Miami the summer before college. What could go wrong! One day at the beach the girls meet five guys aka One Direction. Everything seems perfect but how are the girls going to tell them that their leaving in 2 months...


2. Beach day

Gracie's pov 

I was sound asleep dreaming of my current boyfriend Zack we are having a.few issues right now he wanted to spend the whiole summer with my in your hometown but Aubrie and I have been planning this sense seventh grade. Everything was.perfect in the dream when a pillow hit my head "What?" I groaned . "I'm hungry" Aubrie said. "What time is it?" I asked "Ummm 9:21 but the breakfast 10:20" she said I got out of bed and put my hair in a messy bun I had shorts and one of Zack's t-shirts on Aubrie had shorts and a free.hugs shirt she must have gotten dressed.and ready we walked down stairs and ate. "So what do you want to do today?" Aubrie asked.with a mouth full she was on her fifth plate. "Hmm let's the beach!" I said. "Ok!" Aubrie said smiling we threw.our plates away. We went upstairs to change I grabbed my Bikkini and ran to the bathroom. I changed quickly and came out. Aubrie was in a plain blue bikkini she really had to chest to show off she was.pretty flat. She was also really skinnny and really good abs cause she was in a bunch if sports. Anyways.I was in a floral Bikkini I was skinny I guess I looked down at my stomach and sighed. "Hey missy your one of the slimmest girls I know don't believe what that butt face Jack he's blind and messed up." Aubrie said smacking the side of my head. I her.We threw a.pair of shorts on grabbed our sunglasses, keys, and phones.and went out to our car. I pulled out of the hotel parking lot and started to drive. We wanted to go to a private beach it.was.private cause nobody really knew about it but Aubrie's older cousin Connor told us about it. We pulled onto a rode it was.pretty empty. Aubrie unbundled and stood up we had the top down. I behind us. "Aubrie get down there's people behind us." I said "No way this is.awesome!" She said happily. We pulled into a.empty parking lot and hopped our. We ran to the sand and took our sunglasses and shorts off and tossed our phones and keys on them. We ran to the water as soon feet hit the water I shrieked. Aubrie kicked the water at me getting water on me. I screamed and kicked some at her. I turned.around cause I heard a car door open . I see five boys and two girls walking down to the beach. Out of no where Aubrie hugs me from behind I scream again she was all wet and cold. I heard my phone ring I ran to get it with Aubrie.following. I picked it up and smiled "Hey Zack." I said "Pass the weed!" Aubrie yelled It was a joke between me Zack, Aubrie and another Zack. I shoved Aubrie away she ran off saying something about how love is gross. I hung up with Zack and looked.around for Aubrie. I couldn't find her when she ran up behind me and Gabe me another cold wet hug this time I ran after her yelling "Your dead!" Aubrie ran into the water where I slowly followed. In the water was the guys and girls I saw earlier. There must have been a drop off Or something cause all of a sudden  was underwater and couldn't breath. "GRACIE!" I heard someone scream it was really muffled. Two hands pulling me out if the water I started coughing and taking short breaths "Thanks!" I finally say. "No problem we don't want a pretty girl drowning." Said a low British accent. I turned.around and there was a Boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. "OH MY GOD GRACIE  I THOUGHT YOU DIED!" Aubrie screamed at me breaking me from his stare I roll my eyes "Well I didn't." I said "How do I know your not lying maybe your a ghost." Aubrie said she then punched me in the arm. "OW!" I screeched Aubrie gave me a sheepish look. I heard a laugh I turned around and narrowed my eyes at a guy who had brown hair and blue eyes. "You don't know what her punch is like." I said "I can show him." Aubrie said walking forward I stopped her. My phone rang again this time Aubrie ran for it I was running after her. "Hello?" Aubrie said in a deep sound like a guy. "This is Gracie's boyfriend." She said with the same voice. I grabbed the phone. "Hello?" I said "Your cheating in me?!?" Zack yelled through the phone. I swear that kid has no trust in me plus Aubrie does this every time she answers my phone "Seriously! That was Aubrie you asshole jeez h acc e more trust in me besides she's done that thousands of times before." I snapped "Zack come back I neeeeed you." I heard a girl's voice. "Who's that?" I ask by this time those five guys and two girls at over Aubrie's to them    "My um sister?" He said "Your sister is in Mexico. Zack you know what we're over!" I say "Gracie I can explain" he says I then hear. "Zack I want you."  a seductive girls voice I hang up and throw my phone down. Aubrie runs over pulling me into a hug I take a sharp breath then pull away. "He's not worth crying over I say. 


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