Save Me From Myself. (Please)

16 year old Elsa is on a bad path. She is destroying herself. She feels numb all the time. Can he make her feel alive again?

Elsa has long pitch black hair. She has one blue eye and one hazel eye.

With 2 people she can actually trust. Those are her 2 guy best friends, Benji and Jackson. The are what she actually stays alive for.

Now the story begins.


1. The Usual.

It was just another typical night. My mom is still dead. My dad is out drinking. I am home alone watching movies in my room. I hear the door open down stairs. Oh great not again, I say to myself. I hear my dad scream my name. I walk downstairs to see what he wants. I wonder why he is home so early. He sees me and looks angry. 

"Why aren't the dishes done you pathetic bitch?!"

"I was going to do them after my movie.. I'm sorry."

"Don't you 'sorry' me!" 

He walks up to me. Because he is drunk he stumbles a little. He grabs me by my hair and drags me to the sink. 

"Do them now!" He screams. 

I am used to this by now. I hate that I have to do all the house work and the dishes when I barely even eat. 

After the dishes I went upstairs to take a shower. I got out my special box. This box is locked and it is full of my most important things. I have pictures of my mom, and a lot of blades..

I get out my favorite blade. The sharpest one i have. I walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower. Here we go again.

I cut on my fat stomach, today at least. All I am feeling is bliss as the blood flows down my body. I tend to go insane when I cut. I start to laugh as i then start to cut into my thighs. I sit down and wait for the blood to stop. Then I get out, get dressed for bed and go lay down. I then text Benji and Jackson (my bestfriends) for the rest of the night. They know I cut and they like to tend to my cuts. I have to tell them that I cut again. They both said that they want to see it tomorrow. 



I woke and got ready for the last day of school. When I get there I meet up with Benji and Jackson, like usual. We hang out at the field until the bell rings. Then we go our separate ways. I wish I had classes with them. But of course nothing works out. Every girl in the school hates me, half the boys try to touch me and the others pick on me. I hate school so much. 

"Hey ugly little slut" I hear from behind me while i sit at my desk. Ugh, Jessica. I ignore her and wait for the teacher to tell us what we are doing today. 

The day goes by slowly. There are a lot of comments by the girls, mostly Jessica's crew. Boys try to grab at me and I try to push them away. That is when either Benji or Jackson come see and help me. 

School is finally over! Damn next year I will be a senior and will get out of here afterward. I meet up with Benji and Jackson again and we go to the icecream parlor by the park. I get double fudge brownie, Benji gets chocolate and Jackson gets vanilla. We sit down on the park bench and talk for a while. Mostly I listen because I'm eating my icecream

"No way dude, you can't effin date her. She is mad ratchet." Beji says to Jackson. I giggle.

"NO SHE ISN'T" Jackson yells. 

"Plus she always gives Elsa dirty looks" Benji replies calmly.

"Every girl does. Do you want me to not date because of that? Elsa doesn't care." -Jackson

"You are mad rude dude" -Benji.

And thats how the conversation ended. They walked me home. I gave them each a hug.

"See you guys tomorrow" I say and they wave. 

I get in the door and my dads not home, thank god. I clean up the house so he doesn't bitch at me when he gets home. I go to my room and watch movies on Netflix. 

Its 12 a.m. and I woke up to hearing stumbling downstairs. I know its my dad so I don't go down. I hear a girl giggle and know they are here to fuck. Lovely. I put on my headphones and listen to music falling back to sleep. 

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