Save Me From Myself. (Please)

16 year old Elsa is on a bad path. She is destroying herself. She feels numb all the time. Can he make her feel alive again?

Elsa has long pitch black hair. She has one blue eye and one hazel eye.

With 2 people she can actually trust. Those are her 2 guy best friends, Benji and Jackson. The are what she actually stays alive for.

Now the story begins.


2. Saturday

"Hey guys" I said walking into the cafe down the road. Benji and Jackson ran up to hug me. 

"Woah guys what's up with attacking me?" I asked. 

"We missed youuuuu" Benji says. 

"Suree. Whatever. Anyway what are we doing today?" I said and asked. 

"We are going to my house and watching scary movies all day. Mauhaha!" Jackson said. 

We have our coffees and walk to Jackson's house. First I show them my cuts since I didn't get to yesterday. They disinfect it and sigh at me. Then we start watching scary movies. I got scared  so I held on to Benji(he is like my brother). Someone opens the door and I scream. I squeeze Benji and close my eyes. I hear laughter. I look up and see Benji, Jackson and another guy I don't know laughing at me. 

"Mehh" I let go of Benji and pout. 

"Elsa calm yourself it's just my cousin, Jamerson. " Jackson says. 

"So this is the famous Elsa I heard all about?" Jamerson said with a smirk. 

I just nodded my head. He walks up to me and sticks his hand out. I shake his hand slightly. He sits down next to Jackson. He is pretty cute, I think to myself. 

"Let's do something else so Elsa doesn't break my arm anymore. " Benji says while prying me off his arm and stretching his arm out. Jackson laughs. 

"Fine. What should we do then?" I say.

"We could go to the park?" Benji says.

"Ight leggo. " Jackson says. 

"Dude never say that again" Benji says back. 

"Ugh lets just go" I sigh. "Weirdos" 

We walk to the park.  Got a ride on Benji's back :) When we got there I jumped off Benji and ran to the swings.

"Someone pushhhh me pleaasse" I plead. 

Benji came and started pushing me. Jackson was on the other swing and Jamerson was sitting on the ground in front of me. 

"So how long have you two been together? You guys look happy. " Jamerson asked. 

Me and Benji start dying of laughter. 

"We are not together." I start laughing more. "We are like brother and sister."

"Oh" he says smiling. I wonder why he is smiling like that. 

"So what are doing here in this terrible little town?" I ask.

"Visiting little baby Jackson for the summer" He replies and we all start laughing except Jackson. Jackson pouts.

Soon Benji and Jackson are running around and me and Jamerson are on a bench. We have been talking about ourselves for about a hour. We start joking around and somehow we got closer. I felt something inside of me. It was weird. I felt something like this before and it was when I was with Stan way back in 9th grade. He was the love of my life even though he used to beat me, he mad me feel something instead of being numb or content when I was with Benji and Jackson. Then Jackson found out what he was doing to me and told the cops. Now Stan is away. I was so mad at Jackson for the longest time. Then I realized that he was right, it wasn't a good situation for me. Ugh. Anyway, I started to feel something for this boy I just met. I think am going insane. 

"Earth to Elsa! Are you okay?" I hear Jamerson say. 

"Yeah. Sorry. I was just thinking about something." I say sounding sad.

"Well what could be making you so sad that you are thinking of" -Jamerson

We get interrupted by Benji and Jackson telling us we have to go. They looked worried.

"Why whats wrong?" I look around and see a group of jocks that usually mess with me.

"Okay lets go, now." -Me

We leave and go back to Jackson's house. Benji and Jamerson start playing video games even though Jamerson said we are going to talk later. Jackson asks me whats wrong and I tell him I was thinking about Stan. He puts his arm around me. I just cry in his arms. I hear the video game pause. I stop crying and wipe my tears and smile weakly at Benji and Jamerson. They looked concerned. But Benji knew what this is about since it happens sometimes. Then my phone rings and its my dad. I answer and say 'hi' and ask whats going on. He tells me he needs the house to himself tonight. I tell him okay. 

"I guess i'm sleeping over tonight" I tell Jackson. 

Its fine since his parents consider me their daughter and i have clothes here.


Later that night we were playing truth or dare. We were doing really stupid dares until things turned serious. Benji asked Jackson if he ever liked me and Jackson said of course. Awkward. Then Jackson asked Benji and benji said ditto. Double awkward. Benji dared Jamerson to kiss me. Triple awkward. Jamerson was like 'sure why not' and came over to me. We kissed and I felt a spark. Oh no not again. I look at Benji who was smiling and give him a dirty look. Then I look at Jackson and he shrugged. Then Jamerson dared me to kiss him. I was shocked. He wants to kiss me again? What the hell. I nervously when over to him and kissed him. SO AWKWARD OMG! After that we put on a movie and Jackson and Benji fell asleep. Jamerson came over to me and asked me about earlier and I explained the whole Stan thing to him. He hugged me and told me he was sorry.

"No offense but why do you even care? We just met today. And what was with you daring me to kiss you?" I ask a little confused and annoyed.

He sighed and said "I don't know I just care and trust easily. You are an amazing and gorgeous girl"

"No i'm not" I blush and look down. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my head up. He kissed me again. What is going on? Am I dreaming? Soon we layed down and and he put his arm around my waist and we fell asleep. 




Hello :) I wanna know if I should continue or just give up. Please comment or something thanks. 

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