My Life

This is about a girl named Mia and what happens as her life goes on.


1. Chapter 1

     My name is Mia and I’m 6. Mommy is taking me somewhere but I don’t where she says when I get there I’m not coming back with her. She says it’s a game where I find my daddy. She said his name is Niall. When I get where were going Mommy says when she drives away just to start screaming “Niall” over and over again and that’s how I’ll find my daddy. I know what my daddy looks like I’ve seen pictures but now I only have one picture because Steve threw the rest away. Steve is Mommy’s boyfriend he’s not my daddy. I don’t like Steve he’s mean to me. 

    Mommy says we’re here and that she’s gonna leave me soon. She hands me my backpack, with my picture of daddy inside, and tells me to stand in front of the house. She reminds to wait until she leaves before I try and find my daddy. Mommy drives away and I start screaming “Niall! Niall!” While I’m screaming a man with very curly hair answers the door.

    “Can I help you sweetie?”

    “I’m looking for my daddy his name is Niall and he looks like this.” I show the curly man a picture of my daddy.

    “Why dont’ you come inside and we’ll find your daddy.” The curly man takes me inside to help me find my daddy. We start walking around the house trying to find my daddy when I see him. 

    “That’s my daddy he’s right there! He looks exactly like this picture!” I drag the curly man towards my daddy to show that it’s him. My daddy turns around but I don’t think he knows who I am. 



Niall’s P.O.V


    “Harry who is this little girl?” 

    “She says she’s your daughter she even has a picture of you and knows your name. And I’m not gonna lie she does kinda look like you.” I approach the little girl trying to get a better look at her. She does kinda look like me but I’ve only had sex once and that was like six years ago. 

    “Sweetie how old are you?” I ask her. She holds up six fingers to show me. “What’s your mommy’s name?”

    “I call her Mommy but everyone else calls her Megan.” Oh my gosh this could really be my kid. 

    “Did Meg-Mommy just drop you off here?” She just nods her head at me. “Well I think me and you both have had a long interesting don’t you think-“ I stop realizing I don’t know her name. She clearly understands my confusion and tells me. 

    “My name is Mia.” she smiles at me. 

    “Well Mia why don’t I get you in a bed for the night?” She nods at me putting her arms for me to carry her. I’m standing here not knowing what to do when Harry gives me a nudge. I forgot him and the other lads were here. I pick Mia up and carry her into my room to sleep for the night. I walk back down stairs and see the boys all sitting on the couch waiting for me. I only have one thing to say. 

    “We’re getting a test in the morning.” And with that sentence I walk back upstairs to my room. I walk and just look at Mia sleeping and she really does look like me. I’m excited for the test tomorrow but at the same time scared. If the test is positive then I have a daughter but I’m only 20. If the test is negative then I don’t have the responsibility but I might have to send her to a terrible orphanage.


~~~So this is the first chapter. Sorry it’s short and the spacing is weird. Tell me what you think so far in the comments below or kik me @lynese14 or direct message me on Instagram @food_i_love_that-stuff. Thanks so much for reading the first chapter!~~~

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