" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


7. Truth or Dare ?

we sat there for a little bit. " harry " i said. " yes love " he said. " we still have to do are homework ' i said. " who cares about homework lets ditch school and be together " he said. " are you crazy my parents would kill me " i said. " but i love you " he said. " harry i love you too its just we are teens where in high school we need education we just and run away together " i said. " oh come on one day you wont miss anything i swear " he said. " okay i will try ' i said he smiled and kissed me on the nose. " damn i love your nose "he said. I smiled. i got up and grabbed my bag harry got  followed me to the door i opened it and turned around. " you own me my grades" i said and kissed him. He smiled and whispered in my ear. " don't forget tommorow your all mine " he said and smiled. I walked outside and got in my car i waved goodbye to harry and drove off.


I walked inside my house and went straight up to my room and looked up on my comupter ways to ditch school without your parents knowing. i found a way how and was for sure it  would work. I decide to go to bed. I woke up the next morning and went straight down stairs to where my mom was." Hey mom can i use your phone i can't find mine" i asked my mom. " umm no problem i will just call it " she said taking out her phone. " thats the problem my phone died last night so i put it somewhere and i can't find it " i said. " sure why do you need it : she said. " to call harry and ask me what time he is picking me up to drop me off for school ' i said she nodded and handed me the phone. I ran upstairs and called my school acting like i was my mom and telling them i was sick. It worked they believed it i ran down stairs and gave my mom her phone. I ran back up stairs and got ready. When i was done i ran outside and said by to my mom and sister. I walked about a mile and called harry to tell him to pick me up about 5 mintues later he came. " hey hot stuff i did not think you could pull it off " he said i smiled and got in the car. " so are you ready for the best day of your life " he said. ' hell ya " i screamed. he smirked. ' oh and at 5:00 the boys are coming " he said. I looked at the clock it was 6:49am. he drove back to his place and picked me up bridal style. " i love you lilly " he said. ' i love you too " i said and we kissed he took me inside " lets watch a movie or something ' he said. " sure why not " i said and we watched a movie.


It was was 4:48. me and harry watched all the princess movies it was awesome. Then all 4 boys niall , louis, zayn, and liam walked in. " hey people " i said. They smiled. I brought the games. " niall said. " i brought the girls ' zayn said. perrie, elenour ( not sure how to spell  her name ) emma my best friend who was dating niall which was weird i always thought see ennd up with louis but i guess not, and danille. " we going to get this game on " zayn screamed. " hell ya bitches ' niall screamed. We where playing DIRTY truth or dare. " ok i will go first " liam said. " ok perrie ' laim said. " dare " she said. ' ok umm i dare you to act like a stripper to zayn " he said. zayn smiled and got up. perrie started to twerk on zayn then she turned around put her hands on his dick ( zayns pants was on she touched the jeans where his penis was ) and then she kissed him a whispered something in his ear. zayn smiled and they both came back and sat down. " ok lilly truth or dare " perrie said. " truth ' i said. " oh your such a baby " louis screamed. " ok uh how many times have you had sex and who was it with " she said. " well this sould be interresting " louis said. and every one stared at harry. harry smiled and licked his lips. " um I had sex 4 times and with, harry harry harry harry " i said. " oh you go harry " niall screamed. harry blushed and i got up and sat on his lap. " you poor guy " i said and kissed him. the game went on and i sat on harrys lap the whole time and it got really dirty. finally all the boys got drunk and we had to drive them home when i got home my mom asked why i was home so late i told her i was at harrys and went straight to bed i thought to myself what if she smelled that i had been drinking she probly didn't i only had a few drinks i stopes thinking about it and went to bed.



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