" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


1. The Day I Met Him

It was a perfect day you know the way the sun lights up you room just perfect and that it lights up the world showing you things you will never see again and how it sits right in the corner leading your way to happiness, well that was the day I met him.


" Emma hurry up we are going to be late for the fireworks " I screamed to my best friend. "  shut your mouth all ready I am coming ' Emma screamed. She came down stairs in a bright blue bikini,  her brown hair up in a messy bun, and she had white shorts over her bottom piece. I wore a bright pink neon bikini, my blonde hair also up in a messy bun , and jean shorts over my bottom piece. " why don't you look sexy " I told her. " ya if I did not take all that time in the bathroom I'd look like a piece of shit " she said, we both laughed and walked to the car. " so do you think we are going to meet some cute boys " Emma said getting in to the passenger seat of my red convertible. " is all you think about is boys " I said starting the car. " oh like you don't drool over them " she said with one arm out of the car. " I don't drool over them I just happen to like a lot of them " I said. " a lot of them or do you mean all of them " she said with a smile on her face. " hey put some music on would ya " she said and I turned on some music. " who's this " I said turning it up louder.

Maybe its the way she walked

Straight into my heart and stole.


It played on the radio. Finally we got to the beach just in time to see the fireworks. " hey I already see cute guys " Emma said excited. " don't get your hopes up " I said and we walked over to a spot that wasn't taken and set are towels down. It was really chilly because it was night time and I wounder why me and Emma wore are swim suits i guess were just dumb. After about five minutes we finally saw the fireworks they were beautiful. When we were done looking at the fireworks we decided to play some football, I gave Emma my keys so she could get the ball out of my truck. She came back quickly and we started kicking the ball around but then I kicked the ball and it hit this really cute guy with brown curly hair, green eyes, and he was wearing some shorts and his shirt was off. " I'm so sorry " I said running to the guy i kicked the ball with, Emma was laughing her butt off because I told her early that he was hot. He handed me the ball back " no worries it was a accident " he said in a deep British voice, it was the sexiest voice I ever heard. I just stood there like an idiot but then I got out of my day dream and took the ball but when I walking to Emma the same voice stopped me and said " Hey do you mind if we can play ' " umm sure why not " I said and him and 4 other boys walked over to me and Emma. Me and Emma looked at each other and smiled because they all were very good looking boys. " so whats your guys names " Emma said beating me to it. " oh well I am harry that's Niall the one with the blonde hair brown roots, blue eyes, and is really short " the Niall kid waved at us we smiled " and that's Zayn the one with dark brown hair and brown eyes " Zayn smiled at us " and that's Louis the one with brown hair and blue eyes " Louis just kept starting at Emma and Emma did the same " and last but not least that's Liam " he said and Liam Waved at us we us " well I'm Lilly and this is my best friend Emma ' i said. We all took a moment to remember all the names then we picked teams. The teams were Lilly, Harry, and Zayn against Emma, Louis, Niall, and Liam. " Ok you guys ready" harry said we all nodded " you guys know the rules right " he said to me and Emma we nodded and started the game. After about 30 minutes of playing my team had 3 goals and and Emma team had like 15 we stopped counting when it was like 12 to 1 ya my team sucked but I did not care because I never had so much fun in 16 years i have been alive. Finally it was like 10:00 and we decide we should get going. Me and Emma picked up are stuff and was walking to my car but right before I opened my car door I heard Harry yell out " hey hold on " he said running toward me and Emma " umm maybe I can get your number and we could do this again sometime " he said " that would be great " I said and wrote down mine and Emma's number down and he wrote down his number and we gave each other are numbers. " umm I will try to call you " I said and drove back to my place.


" so should we call them " Emma asked. " I don't know should we " I told her. " fuck that I'm calling them " she said and dialed their It started to ring and she threw the phone at me " no I don't want to talk to them " I said and passed the phone back to her " I don't want to talk to them either " she said and passed it back to me. it was hop potato with the phone then harry answered the phone right when it landed in my hands " ugh " I said " hello " he said. " oh this is Lilly I just wanted to say hi and see if you guys wanted to go swimming tomorrow with me and Emma" I said hoping he did not sense that I was about to pee my pants " umm ya we love to would 2:30 be ok " he said " 2:30 would be perfect " I said " ok then see you tomorrow" he said " bye " and I hung up. " where going to the beach at 2:30 tomorrow" I said we screamed we where so happy. Then we decide to go to bed.


We woke up the next morning and got ready, Then it was about 2:00 and we decide to leave we got there and had an a amazing time but not as fun as last night. I was about to leave when harry stopped me and said " umm I was just wondering if you wanted to get umm ..... never mind I will talk to you later " he said " umm ya talk to you later " I said I was sad because I really liked harry and I was hopping he ask me to go out with him but I guess he wants to know me a little better. So I guess I will have to wait.



hope you guys like it so far and don't forget to check out my other book secrets




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