" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


4. " that was the best one yet "

I woke up the morning to my sister hitting me with a pillow. " wake up ' she screamed. " okay okay I am getting up now stop hitting me with a pillow " I said sitting up. " finally your awake " she said sitting next to me. " why did you wake me up " i  said. " well... Your on the T.V" she said happy. " no way " i said not believing her, " yes way " she said. I got up walked down stairs with my sister following me i looked at the T.V and there i was on T.V " omg i am on T.V " i screamed. I ran to the chair and sat down and clicked play The man said " harry styles with mystery girl, who could this girl be, does harry styles have a girlfriend , stay here and find out after this break"  and he smiled. " so are you dating harry styles " my sister asked taking a seat next to me. " well i guess " i said. " what do you mean by I guess " she asked. " well we had sex " i said. " you had sex so your not a virgin anymore, does mom and dad know " she asked. " no and there not going to know okay" i said. " okay " my sister said.Then out of no where my mom walked in. " hi mom " i said. " umm harry called he wants to know if he can come over " she said taking a sip of her tea. " uh ya that would be great " i said. " okay i will tell him 2 " my mom said. I nodded and she walked away. " oh shit its 12:00 " i said getting up and running up stairs to get ready. I put a  little bit of makeup on and changed into Where The wild things are shirt ( by the way where the wild things are is my favorite book ) black skinny jeans and white grey and black Addias I put my hair up in a messy bun. I looked in the mirror and walked down stairs.About 5 minutes later i heard a knock on The door i got up to answer it i opened the door. " hi Lilly " harry said " hey come on in " i said he stepped inside and took a look around " you got a good looking home " he said i smiled and grabbed his hand and took him up stairs to my room. " hey my favorite part of the house your bed " he said. " harry " i screamed. He smiled and kissed me i let his tongue in my mouth. " hey that's my daughter your kissing " my dad said in the door way me and harry broke from the kiss we both blushed. " hi sir it's nice to meet you " harry said taking his hand out for my dad to shake. " ah don't give me that crap acting all nice to the dad and then go off and have sex with my daughter, well let me tell you something if my daughter is pregnant at 16 I will come to your home and kill you" my dad said. ' dad i am not going to get pregnant you know i would never do it intill i get married" I said. " I know you would never do it but what about him " he said." um sir I will promise never to do it intill i get married I'm only 16 too " he said. My dad nodded and said "  okay will you too are not allowed in this room with the door closed and your  not allowed on the bed i have to go to work behave " he said and i kissed him on the cheek. He finally left. " Harry i am so sorry about my dad " i said. " hey no worries " he said. Then he looked at my mom then me then my room I knew what he wanted I nodded and went to my mom. " mom me and harry are really hungry can you get something" i asked. " well I am going to have to go by some stuff you too will have to be here alone " she said. " oh um how long are you going to be gone" i asked trying to sound like I didn't want her to go. It worked because she said " Lilly you will be fine i won't be gone for long " she kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door I waved goodbye Then we she was finally out of sight I ran up to harry and kissed him. he picked me up and threw me on the bed. " i don't know how you did it but your amazing " he said. Taking off my shirt. " well it was for a good cause" i said and took off his shirt. Then he pulled down my jeans with his teeth it was so sexy. I then unziped his jeans and pulled then off now we where left in are underwear and i was left in my bra. He unclipped my bra and took offf my underwear then i took off his underwear now we where both naked he began rubbing my spot. " oh harry " i moaned he smiled then i turned us over so i was on top and he was on bottom. " ah your the fisty one " he said we smiled. Then i lined up with his penis and then he was inside off me. " oh harry " i moaned. We where moaning so loud. " Li--lly I'm Cumm-ing " he said. " not yet " I said. Then he got up and picked me up my legs around his hips and we where still kissing. He slammed me in the wall and went inside off me again. " yes harry oh " i moaned. Then he came he threw me on the bed and layed beside me my head on his chest. " harry that was the best one yet " i said panting " lilly you where amazing your self too " he said running his fingers through my hair. " we sould get changed before my mom comes " i said and we got changed and went down stairs and watched T.V

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