" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


3. "I wont regret it this time"

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock * beep * *beep* *beep*. I turned over and turned it off I checked my phone there where 5 messages from harry " good Morning love " " Are you awake yet" Text me when your awake" " um want to hang out sometime today " " are you ignoring me ". I smiled at the last text i could just image Harry's sexy British voice. I texted him back saying " I'm not ignoring you i just woke up sorry babe. I guess where dating because last night we did it and we kissed. I got a text back instantly saying " finally love your awake I was just wondering if you wanted to come over today " " um hold on I have to ask my parents if we are doing anything today" I texted back. I got up I was wearing some Orange neon shorts and a black sports bra My blonde hair was up in a bun. I quickly put a white tank top on and walked down stairs. " hi mom hi dad" I said " finally your awake sit down breakfeast is almost done " my mom said. " are we doing anything today " I asked taking a seat. " no not really why " my mom said. " oh because I was wondering if I could go to a friends house today" I said. " that's no problem do i know these people" my mom asked putting the bacon on the table. " um no not really " I said. " well then i guess you cant go if I don't know the parents" my mom said " but mom i am 16 and you could talk to the parents when you drop me off ' I said." i guess that could work " my mom said and we ate breakfeast then i went upstairs yo text harry and got changed i wore black skinny jeans and a shirt that was pink and sad ' Don't Give up ' Up in black letters and pink white and black jordans. " Lilly come on mom has to drive me to soccer " my sister Amanda yelled. " I'm coming " i said and grabbed my phone and walked down stairs said bye to my dad and walked out side and got in the car. First my dropped off my sister an took me to harry house " so whats this friends name " my mom asked pulling into harrys neighberhood. " oh well his name is harry and hes really sweet " i said " oh so hes a boy" my mom said. " mom its not like that " i said she smiled and pulled into harrys driveway. We went inside harrys mom smiled and asked my mom to take a seat harry took me to his room. I looked around because the first time i came into his room the only thing i really saw was his bed. " harry whos this cute little girl" i said poniting to a baby in a picture. " oh thats lux my sisters daughter " he said smiling. " you have a sister. " ya shes 19 about to be 20 " he said. " oh i only have a little sister whos 13 about to be 14 " i said. " hey thats the boys i saw you hanging out with the first day i met you" i said looking at a picture. " yea where tight considering all the things we do together" harry said sitting on his bed. " so like are they your best friends " i said sitting next to him. " yea they are my best friends " he said ' thats cool " i got up because i saw a poster on his closet door its him simon collwel and those 4 other boys. " how did you meet simon collwel " i said surprised. " oh thats right i forgot to tell you, now you promise not to get mad if i tell you this" he said. " i promise i wont get mad. " well ok you see i am sorta in a boy band like a big boy band do you want to listen to some off my albums " he said. I was very surprised he has albums " sure ' i said he put turned on his radio and we listen to his songs. " this one is called happily i wrote it " he said and played. When i listen to it it was amazing then i reliszed i was listening to him all week on my iphone. " harry this is amazing, You have an amzing vocie" i said. He smiled " I'm glad you think so i wrote it when i met you " he said. I looked back up at him and kissed him. " wo what was that for " he said. " well i cant belive you wrote a song for me" i said and kissed him agian.Harry then pushed me down on his bed and went outside off his room and looked around then closed the door and ran to me. " lilly i just cant resited you i want you bad really bad " he said. " harry i dont know i planned to have sex when i am married" i said " Lilly we all ready did it before " he said " i know and i regret it " i said " you regret it i thought you said it was amazing" he said " it was its just " i said " well then i guess i cant make you regret it this time " he said and took off my shirt, I then took off his shirt, we where taking turns taking off are clothes finally we where naked. " you ready " he said i nodded bitting my tonge. Then he was inside off me i gasped. I started moaning loudly. " lilly shh are parents are down stairs" he said i nodded. ' hold on harry i want to try something that i saw on movies. I turned us over so i was on top off him I slowly moved down to his penis and sucked it. " oh my god lilly where did you learn that " harry said moaning in pleaser. A few mintues later we where back in are old position harry on top off me and his penis inside me. " lilly I'm coming " harry said i smiled and finally he came inside off me it was the best feeling i ever felt. He laid right next to me. " harry i wont regret that" i said he smiled and kissed me. A little while later we got dressed and watched movies and played games and asked questions about each other. Finally it had been about 4 hours. " harry i think i sould go will you drive me home" i said " sure " harry said we walked down stairs " thanks for having me " i said to harrys mom and we left.


Bye lilly' harry said pulling me up in front off my house. I kissed him good bye and walked inside " you said harry and you wernt dating" my mom said " we arent " i said " oh really then why did you kiss him " she said and smiled i rolled my eyes and went upstairs to text harry.



hope yoy guys like it sorry i did not update in so long

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