" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


6. " I love you "

I walked inside. " hi mom ' i said. " hey how was school " she asked. " great " i said and walked up to my room. I closed the door behind me. I started my homework witch i was having really much trouble with because i was looking at harry the whole time and no paying attention. I called harry to see if he could come over and help me with it. I called him. " hey Lilly whats up " he said. " umm well you see i don't know any answers to the questions on are homework well you come over and help me " i asked. " ya i will help you but you have to come over here " he said. " fine she you in a little " i said and hung up. I grabbed my book bag and walked down stairs. "  mom i am going to Harry's be back in a bit " i said. " hold on did you finish your homework " she asked. " yes " i said. " then whats in the book bag " she asked. " oh well harry having some trouble with his homework and i thought i help him and all my notes and stuff are in here " i said. She nodded and i got in my car and drove to Harry's house.


I got there and walked in because the door was unlocked . When i walked inside i saw candles and rose pedals and lights. It was beautiful I closed the door behind me and saw harry walk out. " hey love " he said and i ran to him and kissed him. " whats all of this about. " well we never a first date so i thought i make us one " he said. We smiled and he lead me to the dinning room where there was salad choclate covered strawberrys, ice cream, and anything else you could imagne but who cares it was beautiful. Harry pulled out the chair and had me sit in it. We talked for an hour or so thats when we just kissed a passtonte kiss. " Lilly i know we just started dating , but i never felt this way about anyone before , and .. " he paused " I love you " he whisperd in my ear i was so shocked. " harry .. I " i said not knowing what to say. " its ok if your not ready say it on your own time so that when the time comes you really mean it " he said i smiled harry was perfect everything you want in a guy i wanted to say it i did but i just couldn't. Then he picked me up my legs around his hips and are faces not even a inch apart. " now for the final part, Lets go have fun " he said his warm breathe agnist mine i loved it we kissed and he took me to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed and kissed me so hard that it felt like a rock hit me but it felt good. I quickly took of his shirt and he ran his fingers up my shirt  and through my bra and he started playing with my nimple. Then he quickly took off my shirt and bra he smiled at his view. Then i smiled and turned us over so i was on top I took off his jeans and his underwear with my teeth. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. Then he turned me around. " dont think your going to take over i invited you " we smiled and kissed while we kissed he unzipped my jeans and  i kicked my underwere and jeans off. By now we where both naked. harry took no time but put his penis in side of me. I gasped. " gosh you gasped so sexy " harry said and started to thrust faster. In no time moans filled the room. " harry oh harry faster " i moaned. Harry smiled. soon later me and harry could not even speck this feeling felt so good, " lill--y I a--m com--ing ' he said " not yet " i screamed. and turned us over and moved down  now my face was with his penis. " Lilly you wouldn't " harry said smiling. " oh but i so would " i said and started to suck harry was moaning so load then he came i quickly drank it and fell on the bed next to him. " oh lilly i don't know how you are this good and it is only are 3rd time ' harry said. " harry you where better " i said we smiled and kissed. " harry " i said. " ya " he said. " i love you " i said we smiled and kissed again.



(a/n )

hope you guys like it and i know you guys are thinking all they do is have sex will a surprise is coming up and please comment what you think.

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