" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


9. " I love you to pluto and back "

I woke up. I started to trace harry tatoos. They were so interesting on was a bird and one was 17 black. when i was tracing some more tatoos then harry said. ' how do you like my tatoos ". " how long where you watching me " i asked blushing. " just about the whole time " he said and smirked. " we should get changed before someone walks in we did not lock the door " i said he nodded and we grabbed are clothes and changed into them. We walked down stairs and saw my mom reading a magazine. " finally you to woke up i was going to cook something but you to would not wake up " my mom said. " well now where awake and where really hungry " i said. she smiled got up and went to cook lunch.Me and harry sat down i texted him ( i know hes right in front of me why would i be texting him well i dont want my mom to hear anything ) so i texted him " how are we going to tell my mom about me " he texted back. ' i dont know but well find a way we dont have to tell her right now maybe while we are eating ' i texted back. " ya while we are eating " i put the phone down and kissed harry. finally my mom was done cooking me and harry got up and sat at the table. we made are plates and started to eat i pinched harry he made a loud ow nosie. my mom looked at us strange then harry looked at me he knew it was time to tell my mom. ' umm mrs.bailey " harry said. " yes sweetheart ' she said. " me and harry have something to tell you ' i said. " um when you hear this please don't get mad at Lilly or me and well please don't tell me i have to leave because well ... " I'm pregant " lilly said very quickly. " Lilly are you being serouis how do you even know your to young to get pregansy test " she said. i looked at harry he said " well i sorta used a fake ID ". " you used a fake ID oh my your pregant you have a fake ID where did i go wrong How did this happen " she said. ' Mom we had sex forgot to use comdoms, I'm sorry we never ment for this to happen " i said and started to cry my mom got up and hugged me. " Lilly I'm not mad i am going to be a grandma, and your not in this alone we well get through it and in the end we well have a cute little baby girl or boy " she said and smiled. I smiled and nodded. she stopped hugging me and sat back down in he chair just starting at me and harry. I looked at harry and we hugged and kissed, " Lilly I well never leave your side ever in a million years.... I love you " he said. " harry i love you to pluto and back " i said. " pluto not even a planet " he said i smiled and kissed him again. " oh i almost forgot " my mom said and got up she signled for me and harry to follow. we walked upstairs and into the atic i have never been up there but when we walked inside i saw baby stuff every where there was a bed dresser the walls where pantied. ' here is where the baby can sleep we had it done when amanda was born because here room was really dads work room, and there airconditioning a window and its big enough to put another closet oh and we could take all of this junk and put it in the basement so you could bring all your stuff up here ' my mom said smiling. " but mom its huge look at all the space I don't have that much stuff and it feels like a little to much i don't want to have this big of a room i feel like you and dad should take it so dad can have room for his music and work stuff " i said. " Lilly its fine when you move up here your dad can have your room to put his music and work stuff in and don't forget all of your stuff well be up here including the babys stuff and some of harry stuff " she said. " but what if harry wants to have the baby ' i said. " Lilly I think you should keep her your the mother and I am 99% going to be here every weekend and if i want to have the baby for a day are moms well figure something out ' he said. I smiled and kissed and hugged him. " ok well now we have to work on the walls there plan white we need to put something in it to make people go wow when they see it ' she said. " mom we have 9 mouths we can wait a little " i said. ' sweetheart those 9 months are going come quicker than you think ' my mom said and she was right.


* 8 months later *


everything is going perfect. We decide we want the baby to be a surprise so we don't know if it is a boy or girl. the attic is perfect there are little pink butterflies flying across the wall and on one part of the wall the is a bride that goes over a pond and in the pond there are some ducks and there are lily's and lily pads also on a another part there is a tree in the conner  with pink flowers and some  are on the ground and some are in the middle of falling. Me and harry side was just plan white we are planing to just put a calander, some pictures, and anything else we could hang up. my mom bought me and harry a king size bed so me and harry have room to sleep when he spends the night even though we could sleep in a twin size bed and we would not car considering we are right next to each other like hugging or cuddling when we go to sleep and my mom payed to put a bathroom up there and my sister Amanda is really jealous so my mom bought her a new T.v and new phone she shut up after that. now the baby was going to be born in 4 days on June 25. me and harry where up stairs int the attic or should i say are room. " harry can you beleive we are going to be parents " i said. ' i just hope when your dad sees the baby he well forgive me but i don't understand he said if your a mom at 16 but you just turned 17 so we should be fine " he said. I smiled and and kissed him then i felt a really bad kick in my stomach. I broke from the kiss and and put my hands on my belly. " whats wrong " harry said really worried. " um what would you say if i said i think i might need to have the baby now ' i said. he jumped up and ran down stairs got my mom my dad and my sister he came back upstairs and helped me to the car. We got in the car and we drove to the  hospital.


When we got there they rushed me to a room. 3 hours later a beautiful baby girl was born. " harry she's beautiful " i said. " I know see looks just like you I think we should name her darcy " he said. " darcy thats beautiful, Darcy Rose Styles ' i said. we both smiled and looked at the beautiful baby who was sleeping in are arms. " I love you " he said. " i love you to pluto and back " i said we smiled even bigger and kissed.


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