" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


8. Future mom and dad

I woke up felling really sick i really thought i was going to throw up. I decide that i just need to lay down for awhile. Five mintues later i was really hungry i decide to get up and eat breakfeast while i was eating at the table i had to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. my mom came in the bathroom sitting right next to me. " lilly are you ok your not going to school today " my mom said and got up and got me a drink of water. " thanks mom " and i took a sip of it and gave it back to my mom i had to use the restroom my mom left so i could use the restroom. I got up and grab some pads. since it was that time of month. Then i reliszed that i was supposed to get my monthly perdiod two days ago and it had not come again today. I got up and decide to lay down. about 30 mintues later my phone started to ring. " ugh " i said and aswered it. " hello ' i said. " lilly its harry where are you ' he said my face lit up i miss harry and i wish he was here i dont feel good at all. " oh hey i am sorda sick i was throwing up this morning " i said. ' your sick, ok i am coming over see you in a bit " he said and hung up. I wanted harry to come but i did not want him to miss school. but sooner or later harry came up stairs and jumped on the bed next to me. " hey love you look beautiful " he said and kissed me i pulled back. " harry i dont want you to get sick and i look like crap ' i said. " lilly i dont care if i get sick as long as i get to touch those perfect lips of yours " he said. we smiled and kissed again. " harry I'm hungry " i said. " i will get you something right away" he said he got up and went down stairs. I decide to go on my laptop and check facebook. Harry came up stairs with ceral in his hand. " hey what you playing " he asked me handing me my ceral. and sitting next to me. " just on facebook " i said. " ah, umm lilly ' he chuckled. " what did i do something " i asked. " no you just have a pad stuck to your foot" he said and laughed. I blushed and quickly took it off my foot. ' so its that time off month no wonder why you have been cranky ' he said. ' hey i am not cranky and no it is not that time of month i missed it " i said." well then you must be really sick " he said. " i am not that sick " i said. " oh ya your always hungry, you throw up all the time, you missed your period, oh and your always cranky " he said we laughed and then after about 1 mintute of just eating. " holy shit what if i am " i said. ' what if your what " he asked. ' pregant ' i said. " thats inposabile " i said. " i cant be preagant i am only 16 and oh my what well my dad do " i said. " lilly relaxed if your preagant then we well find a way to tell both of are parnets and we well take care of the baby together your not in this alone i well always be bye your side " he said. I smiled harry is the best boyfriend ever and i know he well be a good father." harry i love you " i said and kissed him. " i well go get test if you want me too " he said. " umm ya but let me come with you " i said. " lilly i dont know i think you should stay here and rest " he said. " harry no i am coming with you no mater what you say " i said. he nodded and helped me pick out clothes. He decide i should wear black leggings and a white long sleve shirt that has a pocket like on my right boob and was short in the front and long in the back and black ugg boots. I changed into my clothes and walked out. " you look sexy ' harry said and grabbed my hand and we walked out the door.


When we got to the place harry took me inside we looked around and did not know what to get so we got like three differt kinds. we walked up to the cash lady. " oh my your harry styles my daughter loves you well you sign a peace of paper for me " she begged harry kindly signed a peace of paper for her and payed her the money. when the lady saw what it was she just kept staring at me. when we walked away and where about to exit the buliding she called out ' you kids have fun but not to much fun " she said and gave a dirty look to harry, harry did not noticed it he just wayed goodbye.


when we got home we ran to my bathroom harry sat on the bed. i closed the door and looked at the paper thing. blue i was having a baby and red i wasn't i quickly peed on a stick. harry come in here " i screamed. " what what is it " he said coming inside the bathroom. " you read it i dont want to' i said and handed it to him. he looked at it then grabed the paper, he looked up and smiled. " lilly or should i say mom " he said my face lit up and i jumped on harry. we kissed  and he sat on the bed with me sitting on his lap my hands around his neck. ' can you belive this i am going to be a father " he said smiling. then we feel back on the bed. We kissed again then i got on top off him. and quickly took off his shirt he unzipped my jeans and pulled them off. he turned us over so he was on top he played with the bottom of my shirt then he stuck his hand inside my shirt and started to  play with me nipples i smiled and took of my shirt. we kissed then we broke from the kiss. " lilly i dont think sex is good time right now" he said i nodded and took his shirt. " hey you give that back to me " he said. I stuck my tounge out at him and quickly put his shirt on. he smiled. then i turned around and took off my underwear just to tease him then i felt big warm hands touch my back he pulled me close and picked me up and threw me on the bed. he pulled the blanket on top of us and took of my shirt or should i say his shirt then quickly took off my bra. i was fully naked then i unzipped his jeans and took off his jeans and underwear. we where both naked we kissed and feel asleep.



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