" forever " I said. " forever " and we kissed underneath The moon light.
( this book Will contain graphic sex and swearing)


2. Are First Kiss

its been a week since I met that wonderful guy we hug out everyday since and we text 24/7 but the only thing is that I have been waiting for him just to ask if I would go out with him I would say "yes yes yes yes" because something about him makes me shiver inside, and the way his green eyes glow in the moonlight. I need him so badly but does he need me? That's the question I ask my self over and over again. It drives me crazy not knowing the answer, everyday I wonder.


' hey Lilly, what are you doing here this late " Harry ask me when he ran into me at the movies. " what are you doing here this late " I said. He smiled and said ' Because I'm bad " we smiled " no no I'm really here to see Frozen" he said. " no way I'm here to see frozen too " I said. " well maybe we could see it together" he said. " that be great ' I said. We payed for the movie tickets and headed off to the food stand. " what do you want it's on me " he said. " oh harry you really don't have to pay I brought more than enough money " I said trying not to sound desperate. " no Lilly I insist " he said. This went on for a little while longer then finally I gave in and let him pay for me." popcorn please " I told the lady . " ok do you want small ......" large " harry said interrupting the lady. " ok any thing else " The lady asked." umm ya I'll take a Dr.pepper and she'll take a " harry said waiting for me to answer. " Dr.pepper too" I said and harry payed the lady and she gave us are drinks and popcorn. We walked to are movie and took are seats.The movie started, about 20 minutes Harry did the old yawn trick and put his arm around me, I was so shocked but I loved it.


" that was an awesome movie don't you think " Harry told me. " ya I loved it " I said " but I really must get going its late " I said walking away to my car, But right when i was about to  open my door harry turned me around and kissed me. " I've been wanting to do that for a long time " I said we smiled and stood there kissing. Then it started to rain very hard but i did not care because this moment was amazing. " Lilly we should get out of the rain " Harry said.He lead me to his car and said " your coming home with me tonight " he said I nodded in aprovel. I got in the car and he drove to his place.


" hi mom " he said taking me inside his huge home. He lead me up stairs to his room and picked me up then put me on his bed. " harry I don't know if i am ready , I have never done it before " i told harry who was kissing my neck " Lilly you will be fine just do what i tell you " . A few minutes later we where both naked i covered my self. " Lilly don't cover yourself your beautiful" he said. pretty soon moans where filling the room and it was just the start. " harry , Harry " i said breathless, This feeling was amazing. When we where done harry and i cuddled up close. " harry that was amazing" i told him. " I'm glad you thought so " harry said and we feel asleep skin to skin.


I woke up the next morning next to harry. " good morning love " he said and kissed me. " we should get dressed " I told him. We got dressed and went down stairs his mom was cooking breakfeast. " hello , Now what happend last night Lilly was screaming your name harry " his mom said i blushed but then i wondered how she knew my name. We ate breakfeast and i was leaving harry was going to take me to get my car. " mom i will be back in a little " harry screamed. When we walked out the door i asked harry " how does your mom know my name " " oh well i might have told her a little bit about you" he said. I smiled thinking about how Harry told his mom about me. We got to the movies i kissed harry bye and went to my car and drove home.


" hi mom " i said. " Lilly where the hell where you i was worried sick. " mom i was just at a friends house no worries i should of told you" i said walking up stairs and putting head phones on and listing to One direction i just heard of them and i loved there song, Well anyways i put my headphones in and blocked out the world.



hope you guys like it so far I will update as soon as i can and coment what you think oh and sorry for the spelling i am not the best speller



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