My Furball (Hybrid Mpreg)

Copyright 2014

No one may publish, promote or use any ideas, plot line, in anyway with out my permission.

Cover made by xLarrys_Universe

On Christmas eve William and Louis went out to Party for there birthday but the never expected to find there Furball what happens next well your just going to have to figure it out


1. Prologue

Louis P.O.V

"William, get down here! Hurry up!" I scream.

"Shut up, you prick. I'll be down there in a minute." He shouted at me.

Today was William and I's birthday. Yes, we're twins and yes, we look exactly alike. Today the lads and I are going out to a bar.

"Come on lets go you dickshark!" I scream.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Calm down." He was wearing black skinnies and a Pierce the

Veil shirt as he ran down the stairs

You see, we have very different styles. I wear Toms and v-necks, he wears band
tee's and Vans

"Let's go." I said. We ran out of our flat and walked to the pub. It wasn't a
far walk.

"Tommo, William, happy birthday!" Zayn said after we hugged. We went into the
pub, it was filled with the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. We sat down at a
table and ordered our food.

"Miss, can I get some service, please?" I asked.

"Yes, hun. What can I get you?" She said.

"Um, can I get 7 tequila shots and a vodka cocktail?" I said.

"Well, someone's getting wild tonight! It'll be right up." She said, walking away.
She came back minutes later with the drinks I ordered and set the tray down.
"Well, here boys." Only to have half of them passed back.

"What?!?! Are you guys to pussy to drink tonight?" I asked, teasing"

"I have to drive home tonight, sorry." Liam said, shrugging.

"I have to drive Niall home. Knowing him, he's going to get wasted." Zayn said.

"I'm taking Harry and Edward home." Marcel said.

"Well, okay then. I'll have them." I said, downing four shots and my cocktail.

"Whoa there, Lou. Slow down there." My twin said to me, placing a hand on my

I thrashed his arm off my shoulder "No, its my birthday and I wanna have a

fun time." I said.


On the dance floor, Niall and I started to dance. I started to grind on him. That's when Zayn came up and pulled Niall away.

"What the hell, Louis?" Zayn shouted.

"What?? I'm just having a good time." I said.

"Well, don't grind on my boyfriend. Come on, Niall, we're going home." He said.

"Fine then, ruin my birthday!" I shouted.

My stomach started to twist. I knew I was going to throw up so I ran outside in the cold and threw up in the snow. I felt a hand rubbing my back.

"I think it's time to go home." William said, smiling at me.

I grabbed my jacket from his arm and put it on. I started to walk home with
him. Halfway home, I had the urge to pee.

"I need to pee." I said.

"Can you hold it?" William said.

"No." I said in a annoying tone.

"Then go in to that alley and pee. And hurry it up!" He said, annoyed.

I ran into the alley, going behind the dumpster, relieving myself. After I finished, I zipped up. That's when I heard sniffling. I looked around, walking back and forth in the ally. Then I looked in the dumpster there was a boy, at least 17, crying and shivering, He had whitish cat ears on his head.

"WILLIAM, COME HERE!" I shouted.

He came running over to me.

"What happened?" he said.

"Look." I said. pointing into the dumpster.

He looked in and his eyes widened.

"Oh my god, let's help him!" He said.

William put his hand in the dumpster to help him. He flinched and scooted to the corner of the dumpster.

"Aw, baby, come here. I'm not going to hurt you." William said soothingly.

He scooted closer, letting William grab him and get him out of the dumpster. He stepped on the ground and nudged closer to William. We walked the rest of the way home and unlocked the door. William took him to the living room. His clothes were dirty. All he was wearing were sweat pants and a muscle shirt.

"You're going to need a bath." William said.

I went to the bathroom and started the bath, filling the tub with water.

"Okay, the tub is filled. He can go in there now."

William lead him to the bathroom and the door closed. I guess he's helping the kitty take a bath. Where is he going to sleep? I guess I can get the air bed out and he can sleep in my room. I took the air bed and filled it up and put it in my room, placing a bed sheet and a pillow and blanket on it.

I heard the door open. He was dressed in Williams PJ bottoms and a jumper.

"You hungry?" I asked him.

He nodded frantically.

"Well, okay. I'll get you some of the lemon chicken we had yesterday." I said.

I pulled the plate of chicken, green beans, and mash out and put it in the microwave. He sat down at the table and waited very quietly. I took the plate out of the microwave and placed it down in front of him. I placed a fork by the plate and he just sat there.

"You can eat, you don't have to wait." I said.

He grabbed the fork and cut the chicken and put it in his mouth. His eyes widened and he started to stuff the food into his mouth.

"Slow down kitty, you're going to choke." I grabbed a cup of milk and brought it to him. He drunk the milk and finished his food. I walked over with a wet cloth and wiped his face off. He yawned and rubbed his eyes.

"You're tired, aren't you?" I asked he nodded.

William had walked in shirtless and in PJ bottoms. The kitty just looked at
him wide eyed.

I lifted him up and took him to my room and placed him on the bed.

"You sleep here tonight, okay?"

He nodded and placed his head on the pillow. I went on my bed and laid down, putting the duvet over my body. Ten minutes later, right before I fell asleep, I felt the bed start to cave in and something move into the duvet. I grabbed him and held him tight, cuddling him.

"Good night, kitty." I said as I drifted off to sleep.

A/N: Hey bitches you thought I was dead didn't you but nope I just been
busy and lazy to write or update but last night when I was showering this
fanfic idea popped in my head I hope you like it remember to





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