My Furball (Hybrid Mpreg)

Copyright 2014

No one may publish, promote or use any ideas, plot line, in anyway with out my permission.

Cover made by xLarrys_Universe

On Christmas eve William and Louis went out to Party for there birthday but the never expected to find there Furball what happens next well your just going to have to figure it out


7. Chapter Five

After begging Thomas to get in the car which i found out that he's scared of. We drove down to the clinic where Liam work's, I parked at the back of the building and used the key card Liam gave me "only use it for emergencies" was ringing in the back of my mind well this is an emergency i walked straight in to the office liam mostly works at .

"Li i'm here" I shouted "Would you shut it Lou, I don't wanna get in trouble because you're blackmailing me" he said in defeat "fine will you please see what wrong with him he's been acting weird lately and he's been vomiting" i said in a worried tone. "Well lets take a look" he said pulling out an ultrasound machine, "Now this will be cold" he said squirting on the gel onto Thomas's belly earning a slight whimper from him "Now lets look around" He said moving the wand around then he froze in one spot looking at the screen wide eyed. "This cant be" he said flipping on a switch that made the room fill with a thumping noise "Holy shit!!!!" he screamed. By now Thomas and I were freaking out. "Whats going on!" i asked frantic "He's Pregnant! , He's Fucking pregnant. I have never seen this ever"

I froze in spot " h-he's What?!?" i said chocking on my spit. "He's Pregnant Lou! This has rarely ever happened. I-It's a miracle" He said smiling. Thomas was siting there rubbing the gel off his stomach. "Well I need him to take these just for the twins health" Liam said writing on his pad. "Wait!!! Twins!?!?" I nearly shouted. "Yeah? You didn't see the two mini blobs on the screen? You're gonna have two children Lou! or I think they're your children, right?" He asked questioning. All I could do was stay silent I knew their is a chance that these kids could be mine or Williams . "Lou?, Lou!" Liam said as I snapped out of my daze "here that this and get the vitamins from the clinic by your house"he said with a smile. I just looked at him and saw Thomas rubbing the jelly off of this stomach, i'm not sure if he knew what was going on but i grabbed his hand and slowly started making my way out with him. He sat in the car mesmerized with his belly. He started to run his belly at this point I don't think there's anyway I can convince him to not keep the baby. I sighed under my breath. We pull up to the house , Williams car is parked right at the front. Just when I park the car Thomas get out a bolts in the house. "I guess he's excited" i said sarcastically. I slowly walk into the house to see Thomas cuddling up with William on the couch. " has he told you yet?" I ask from the bottom of the steps. "What? Told me what" William asked in a state of confusion. "Thomas, why don't you tell William the good news." I said while I was walking up the steps. "Me having babies" he stated with a huge smirk. " h-he's what?!?" William asked with concern. " well you heard him" I said with a bit of frustration "he's pregnant with not just one but two" I said with a bit of disgust in my voice. William sat there his face filled with concern and anger. "Why didn't you tell us?" He asked to Thomas. He sat there with confusion "tell what?" He asked his head tilting a bit. William got up from where is was sitting pushing the hybrid off of him roughly. "Tell us that you could get pregnant you- you abomination" he said the word coming out him mouth like venom "m-me didn't know" Thomas tried to state. Williams face was starting to turn red with anger. He groaned loudly "fucking freak" he seethed. Thomas what in the verge of tears William was clenching his fists I raised on ad threw it at Thomas hitting right in the jaw. He kept punching and punching all you could hear were grunts and screaming from the hybrid I pulled William away "let me fucking go! Let me finish him off" he said with anger. I managed to pull him away but that's when Thomas got up and ran out the house with just a Beanie,sweat pants and a white tee on in the dead of winter.

AN: hello! You miss me? I just went to the 1D concert last night it was fantastic hip you enjoy this there's more to come

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