My Furball (Hybrid Mpreg)

Copyright 2014

No one may publish, promote or use any ideas, plot line, in anyway with out my permission.

Cover made by xLarrys_Universe

On Christmas eve William and Louis went out to Party for there birthday but the never expected to find there Furball what happens next well your just going to have to figure it out


5. Chapter 4

Louis POV

after I found out that William had taken the poor boys innocence we got in to the argument about it I guess they forgot about what happened and it went back to normal Thomas is about to go into heat soon and I can tell it he's been acting weird the past few days I really hope that I don't have to do anything to drastic what the fuck am I going to do I can just have sex with him or anything like that even though I would love to I just can't do that things would just be awkward today I was off from work and William had to go to the clinic he walked out to the kitchen in his maroon scrubs

"if he goes into heat what are you going to do" he asked

I don't know what I'll do I might just fuck him like you did" I said in a angry voice

"Get over it what had happened happened it can't be changed" he shot back

"you took the boy's innocence how and I suppose to he over it" I yell

"can you not yell he's sleeping you know" William said

"I know he is I don't want him to start crying" I said

"your lucky he forgave you'd or what you called him"he said

"its nine by the way"I said William almost spat his tea out

"Damn it I'm gonna be late" he gabbed his keys and coat running out the door slamming it behind him

the door slammed so loud that Thomas woke up calling for William

"Willy" he cried

I got up and went to the room "William went to work baby" I said to him giving him a half smile he started to cry
"did Thomas do something bad"he asked
"no honey you didn't he just went to work he'll be back in 8 hours" I told him
he seemed to calm down a little bit but not fully "I need to go to the store are you ok with being alone for a hour" I asked him he nodded and I grabbed a jumper and locked the front door I went to the grocery store grabbing a cart going through the produce I grabbed so veggies and and so chicken and so ground beef I went to get some frozen pizzas I went to go check out I put my cart away it was storming I ran to my car putting all my groceries in the car  the drive home seemed like it took forever I drove in my driveway and grabbed all the groceries and ran to the front door unlocking it I walked in and walked up the stairs to the kitchen putting everything away

"Kitty I'm home" I shout
"Meow" I heard I walked in my bedroom and saw Thomas laying there naked with his bum in the air wavering it and meowing at the site my pants started to tighten
"kitty what are you doing" I ask
"Meow" he said pointing at his bum
ohhh god what am I suppose to do he's in heat  he got up from the bed walking over to me grabbing the bulge in my pants palming it through my jean I moaned

he pushed me on the bed palming me he stopped he sloppily kissed me moving downward sucking on my neck he tugged at the hem oh my shirt signaling me to take it off I ripped my shirt off he trailed kisses down my chest all the way to my stomach he unbuttoned my red chinos and pulled the off he stared At the bulge in my Calvin & Klein briefs infatuated by it he kissed the tip of my hard member through my briefs I flipped him so I was on top I hungrily kissed him I kissed his neck trying to find his sweet spot finally I found it it was near his collar bone I sucked on it cause it to make a purple mark I trailed down to his nipples lightly pinching them and tugging earning a high pitched moan from the young hybrid I reached  for his leaking member grabbing it and pumping he was a moaning mess I pulled my briefs off to show my nine inch cock I flipped over and put my hands under my head he licked to tip teasing me "F-fuck kitty keep going" I moaned he wrapped his lips around the head bobbing up and down humming bringing pleasure "i need you now" i said i flipped him over spreading his cheeks i ran my thumb over his pink ring i brought my face downwards and licked his hole making him moan in pleasure i lapped the ring in saliva i pulled away pushing my fingers in his face telling him to lick my fingers he did so i pulled my fingers out of his mouth and stuck my index finger in his hole he moan and i moved in and out earning moans as i did so i added my fingers gradually curling them i pulled my fingers out he whimpered at the sudden emptiness i lined my hard member with his muscle pushing in slowly i heard him gasp and tense up " calm down baby" i said trying hard not to slam my cock inside of him he relaxed and i pushed another forth of my length in i pushed the rest of my length in and stopped "tell me when to move" i told him he nodded and after a minute "Move" i thrusted in and out i could tell i was hitting him in the right spot by his reaction i kept going faster thrusting in harder and harder all that was heard was skin slapping together and moans "I'm so close babe" "meow" he cried he let out a high pitched moan and came in between us my thrusts became sloppier and fast "Fuck I'm coming I'm coming" i scream shooting white ribbons into him i thrusted through my orgasm and pulled out collapsing next to to we cuddled up and fell asleep

~One month later~

I was in the kitchen making egg when i heard running and the bathroom door slam i went to see what was going on and i saw Thomas throwing up. Is he sick? i should call Liam I grabbed my phone and dialed liam's number "Hey Li i need your Help" i said "Whats up" he asked 

"Well my friend is sick and he doesn't have citizenship can you see him" i asked 

"I don't know i could lose my job" he said 

"Hey remember that one time when" i started to say being interrupted 

" OK OK i'll see him at noon"he said

"That's what i thought" i said 

A/N: It took me three days to write this please don't be a silent reader please comment and get me feedback 





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