My Furball (Hybrid Mpreg)

Copyright 2014

No one may publish, promote or use any ideas, plot line, in anyway with out my permission.

Cover made by xLarrys_Universe

On Christmas eve William and Louis went out to Party for there birthday but the never expected to find there Furball what happens next well your just going to have to figure it out


3. Chapter 2

Louis POV

I opened the door to see a quite recognizable fast

"Paul what are you doing here" I asked

"At work we lost My Hybrid" he said

"well what does it look like  "I asked

"He looks like this " Paul said handing me a picture of Thomas in almost nothing and with a spiked leash around his neck 

"He looks like hes in pain" i said 

"Does that really matter i payed good money for him he's just a freak anyways" he said in a mono-toned voice 

"Well they have rights don't they?" i said 

"No they don't, there not citizens of the UK they don't have birth certificates or anything" he said 

"Well that's kinda fucked up"i said irritated 

"Hey just calm down Lou just tell me if you see him keep the picture for reference i have plenty more anyways "he said with a smirk 

i slammed the door and walked into Williams room all i saw was Thomas crying and William hugging him 

"whats wrong?" i asked 

"He thought you were going to give hime back and he started to have a panic attack" william said comforting the boy

i walked over to him rubbing his back "I'll never ever and i mean ever give you back this is your home now" i said he calmed down and jumped on me kissing my cheek say thank you 

"Will i need to talk to you for a minute alone" I said 

"Ok Thomas stay in here ok I'll be right back" will said reassuring him 

we walked into the living room and will took a seat in a chair "Whats up" he asked. "You wanna know who is owner is the person he is scared to death of" i almost screamed 

"Hell yeah who's the fucking prick that's hurting the poor boy" William asked 

"Paul it's fucking Paul one of our good friends" I screamed 

"No it cant be Paul couldn't hurt a fly" William said in shock

"Are you sure about that" i said handing him the photo that he gave me 

William just looked at the photo in pure hatred 

"I'm going to punch him in the face" He said furiously 

"Just sit your ass down we need to know more about hybrids before we can take care of him and if you beat paul up he'll know that we have that boy" i said 

i went to my room not before checking on the boy, he was sleeping soundly so i walked to my room grabbing my mac and walking back to the living room. i opened the laptop typing in my password and pulling up a browser. i went to Google and typed in Hybrid and what came up shocked me, i clicked on the nearest link and when it opened it was a hybrid porn site and who else would be the top male model on there Thomas was. there were videos of him getting hit in the back with baseball bats and whips that how he got the scars and him getting urinated on this scared the living hell out of me i backed out of the site to a Wikipedia page on hybrids you see hybrids are rare and sold for a very high price there was a basic care page it was the basics just like taking care of a baby 

"Click on body types" William told me i moved my mouse and clicked on the little bar and whole page of types of hybrids popped up lets see "he's not a bara hybrid" i said (Bara: overly masculine or very manly) He's a Uke (more skinnier and is the bottom)

"ok we know how to take care of him" William said but only getting interrupted by me "He goes into heat once a month by the way and they don't go into heat when there pregnant which i impossible since he's a boy" i said  "ok since we know whats going to happen with his body and everything we should get ready its about to be a new month that means he's going to go into heat what are we going to do" i asked 

"I could always give him a good fucking" William said  nonchalantly 

I punched William in the arm "that's a no no you horny twat" i scolded

"Damn it Lou i was just joking" he said angry

"Well don't make up stupid jokes like that you know what he's been through do you want me to pull up that site again" i asked him

"No that's alright I'm fine" he said

"now that's what i thought we should really go shopping for some clothes for him he cant just keep sharing cloths with us" i said 

"i don't care he can keep wearing my clothes he looks cute in them" William said blushing 

"WILL don't tell me you fancy him already" i asked shock 

"Well I'm not saying that but he is a cutie" he said 



"OH SO YOUR TRYING TO BLAME ME NOW OH THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" that's when i jumped on will and we started to wrestle 

That when we both heard a loud crying and we saw Thomas standing in the hallway with Williams blanket wrapped around him he was tearing up and sniffling 

"Great look what you did Lou" William said 

"ME it was you"i shouted 

when i scream there was more shouting and crying "Oh for god sake's SHUT UP YOU FREAK"

that when it went silent and Thomas ran back into Williams room and locked the door 

William go up and walked past me "Your a real ass you know that" he grabbed the key to his room and opened the door leaving me there alone to think of what i did 


"Baby are you ok" i asked the lump that was under the duvet 

"Come on out its me will" i said 

He popped his head out to reveal hes puffy read eyes hes ears lie flat on his head then he started to cry more "Aw baby don't cry" i walked over to him hugging him he didnt stop cry i did what came to mind i punt my fingers under his chin tilting his head up so faced me eye to eys and i leaned in and kissed him 


A/N: OHHHH SHIT IS GOING DOWN lol you hate me i know but hey William kissed the kitty and Louis a ass what happens when Thomas goes in heat your just going to find out what happens next 

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