My Furball (Hybrid Mpreg)

Copyright 2014

No one may publish, promote or use any ideas, plot line, in anyway with out my permission.

Cover made by xLarrys_Universe

On Christmas eve William and Louis went out to Party for there birthday but the never expected to find there Furball what happens next well your just going to have to figure it out


2. Chapter 1

Louis POV

I had woke up to a nice warm feeling on my side it was kitty but we really need to know what his name is where he comes from his owner must be worried sick he started to stir in his sleep and whimper I put my had on his for head he's burning up he must of been outside for a long time I got up and went to the bathroom (I'm writing this In between  classes) brushed my teeth and washed my face I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of NyQuil and a cup of water I walk into the room and shake him a little bit

"kitty wake up" I said

that's when he started balling and crying

"oh no don't cry it's OK please don't cry" I said

he just started crying harder 

"aw baby please don't cry I'm here i know your sick I'm here i'll help you" i said rubbing his back soothing him 

he started to calm down i uncapped the medicine and put it i the spoon

open your mouth for me he opened his mouth and i poured the medicine in he swallowed the medicine and gave me a pouty face i gave him the water for him to drink he drank half the cup and laid down i waked back to the kitchen put the cup away i guess i have to call work and tell them i can come in today i walk to William's room and knock on the door there was no answer so i opened the door not here wow that's a suprise go walk to my room and i see William snuggling the kitty 

William get up i said 

Shhhhh he's sleeping he was crying so i cuddled him and he fell asleep 

"well i think I'm going to take a day off today" i said 

"well I'm off today too maybe we can teach him how to speak or get some information from him" he said 

"OK well just let him rest I'm going to make him some soup or something"

"no your not so you can burn down the house you can hardly make bread ill make the soup you just lay next to him" he said 

"make some for all of us we might as well eat soup for lunch and remember to add a lot of carrots" i said 

yeah i know he said

when wiliam got up he boy whimpered and started to cry again i layed down and took Williams spot i hugged him and whispered in his ear "its ok its fine shh your OK" i said petting his hair when he shifted his shirt started ride up and i saw cut marks and whip marks on his back my god how did he get these did his owner do this? we really need to know what happened he started to stir and move around  he sat up and let a puff of air out he walked to the bathroom and used it the i heard the water start he walked back into the room naked and pointed at his body 

"you want me to help you" i asked 

he nodded his head and went back into the bathroom 

i got up and went to the cabinet and grabbed a spare toothbrush and towel i grabed a pair of sweatpants and a v-neck i went into the bathroom he was sitting in the tub waiting i got on my knees to help him then he pointed inside of the tub 

"you want me to go in there with you?" i asked 

he nodded again 

"I don't know about that" i said to him 

i just grabbed a cup and poured water on his head he whimpered but he dealt with it i grabbed the strawberry shampoo and poured some on his head and massaged it into his scalp making him purr i grabbed the cup and filled it with water 

"ok now close your eyes"i said he closed his eyes and i poured the wter on his head washing away the shampoo i grabbed the conditioner and put it into his hair i grabbed the body wash and rubbed it into his skin i went to scrub it on his back and he scooted back to the corner of the tub 

"come on let me wash your back" i said 

he shook his head frantically and started to cry 

"Ok I'm not going to wash your back i promise"i said 

i washed his hair out and his body i grabbed the towel and told him to stand up i wrapped the towel around his body i went to my room to get boxer for him i handed him the boxers and left the room he walked out 5 minutes later 

"lets go eaat i think the soup is done" i said 

i walked and he followed we walked into the kitchen to see William stirring the pot of hot soup 

"hi baby you feeling better" he said kissing the kitty on the fore head" 

"go sit at the table the food will be done soon" i said 

he walked over to the table and sat down 

i went up to William to talk to him 

"i think he's been abused" i said 

"how do you know?" he asked 

"When he was sleeping his shirt was riding up and there were scars on his back" I said 

He looked t me in shock 

"We really need to get some information out of him" he said 

i grabbed three bowls and filled it with the soup i gabbed two and left one for william i handed the boy the bowl of soup and a spoon 

"Its hot be careful" i said  

he took the spoon and put it in the soup putting some on his spoon and blew on it and put it in his mouth William walked in with his soup 

"Ok Kitty we need to know if you can talk can you?" William said getting right to the point 

He nodded 

"Well can you tell us your name" I asked 

T-T-Thomas he said stuttering 

"Ok Well Thomas We need to know how you got those scars on your back" I asked 

"Me cant tell master will punish Thomas" He said 

"well who's your master" William asked 

"Me cant tell he get mad" He said 

"Did he leave you outside or did your run away" I asked 

"Me run he left cage open so me clime out window" he said in a monotone voice 

"well.." Then i was cut off with a loud bang on the door 

"No that's is master please don't let him take me please " He said balling  

"I'm not going to let him talk you go hide in the room with William" I said 

I ran downstairs when i opened the door i didn't expect it would be him 

To Be Continued 

A/N: Im a bitch i know but i hope you like it please comment i don't like silent reader so can you please comment and give me feedback i hop you like the plot line so far i might update or i might not i depends on how i feel 




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