The Skater Girl

Andrea grew up with three older brothers,who were over protective but taught her many things especially how to skateboard(at the age of four)by time she was 15,which is now,she was a pro.But what happens When she enters a big skateboard competition and something goes terribly wrong?Who will help her back on her feet.


1. The News

Chapter one:The News

~Andrea's P.O.V~

I was out on the street on my longboard heading back home from the Movies where me and my friends had seen "Ride Along"the movie with Kevin Heart and Icecube.I live in New Milford,Ct.It was a big town but living in it your whole life it seems small.I was going to go home but it would take a while on my board so I headed to the Skate Park which was right down the street.I loved Skateboarding and longboarding.I finally reached the Skate Park to be greeted by a family friend and three of his friends.We were the only people there and even in the whole park.The family friends name was Aaron.I liked him sense we were little kids,now he's 16 and I'm about to turn 15 in two months."Hey Andrea!Ready to show us what you have today?"Aaron said bring me into a friendly hug that made us fall to the ground.His friends,which were mine also laughed at our weirdness.Aaron helped me up and when he did I looked right into his eyes and we just sat there staring at each other.Shane,the short brunette and my cousin,Caleb,tall blonde,and Jordan,tall brunette,stared at us awkwardly.

Shane finally broke the silence,"So are we going to skate now?"

Aaron and I got embarrassed and I started to blush.Shane glared at me and I knew exactly why.Aaron wasn't the best person to hang around or to date lets just say he isn't a virgin and he had a tendency to use a girl than ditch her,also there's the police record,but in our group we don't judge,we skate and hang/talk.Plus Shane was over protected because he seen me get heart broken real bad, then he broke my ex.We were all skating than everybody stopped and stared at me,i was getting major skate points.My phone rang which caught me off guard making me land flat on my back on the half pipe.They all came running over to me,"I'm fine."I said standing up.I missed the call but it was my dad he wanted me to come home so he could tell me something, I guess, thanks dad for ruining my air."Well I go to go home,Shane you coming?"I asked.

"Ya!"he answered.

We started walking away when Aaron stopped me in my tracks,"Hey!" He ran over to us."Don't forget to fix those holes!"He said smiling.Crap!I didn't even notice I had a tear in my black and green monster hoodie and a hole in my belched pink skinny jeans right below my ass.He than pulled me into him,put his hand on the rip on my ass,pushed my auburn hair out of my face and kissed me like he meant it.His tongue found its way to my mouth and the guys were still staring at us.It lasted two minutes when Shane yanked my arm as to tell me to come on.I gave Aaron one more last big hug,letting his big black hoodie hold me, he kissed my forehead,I pulled up his skinny jeans.Aaron handed me a paper trying not to let Shane see it,"Don't open it until you get home."he said,and with that me and Shane we off on our way to the gas station so my dad could pick us up.It was far away but not that far to walk to.

~Shane's P.O.V~

Me,Jordan,Caleb,and Aaron were at the skatepark talking when my cousin Andrea came to join us.Aaron's face changed from serious too happy.That got me mad,Aaron was a player and he was not about to try anything with my cousin.Not after what he knew happened to her."Hey,Andrea ready to show us what you have today."Aaron said.They ended up hugging and falling to the ground,I was irritated,they just sat there on the ground staring at each other.

"So can we skate now."I asked.they nodded stoping them in their tracks.

We all started skating for a while than we watched Andrea do her thing.Andrea was the BEST skateboarder in this Town and not out of girls out of everyone.She had been working on this trick she made up it was boss but then she quickly looked down and it caught her off guard and she slammed on her back on the half pipe.She was on her back and rolled on her stomach in pain.I ran over to her followed by Aaron and the others."I'm fine."she said scrambling to her feet."I got to go to home,Shane you coming?"she asked.

"Ya!"I answered.I always go over my cousins house,it's more like my house two.My mom works days as an assistant at a fashion place thing and at night a nurse at the hospital.Even though she works a lot it's still not enough money.My dad died two years ago on my birthday,my dad and aunt (Andrea's Mom)were hit by a drunk driver and she died instantly,my dad died in the hospital.I blame myself because it was on my birthday,but Andrea has been a great cousin to me.Im an only child and she's like my little sister even though she has three older brothers, but two are away at college,and one is a senior in high school.Im 16 like Aaron.

"Hey!"Aaron said running over to us when we started to walk away.What did he want,I was starting to get frustrated with this kid!"Don't forget to fix those holes!" He yelled.He pulled her in and they started to kiss.I seen she had a hole in her pants by her ass and he was touching it and that got me pissed.He knows how protective I am with her.Her last boyfriend almost put me in jail for beating the shit out of him but it taught him never to cheat on her again.I finally yanked on her arm so they would stop kissing and we could leave.They hugged once more and I couldn't tell what he said to her he was being secretive about it and then it looked like he put something in her pocket.

We walked to the side walk with our boards at our side."Pull your hoodie down,your ass is showing."I said angrily.

"Damn,what got your panties in twist."she snapped back pulling her hoodie down.I didn't answer."Shane!Why are you so pissy?"

"Maybe,if your weren't making out with the guy!"I yelled.

"What do you mean!"she yelled back.

"You know how he is and your putting yourself in a bad situation and I'm gonna end up in jail defending your ass!"I yelled and now people were staring.She got teary she hated her old relationships brought up."Ann, I'm sorry I just don't want to see you get hurt again."I said.

"I know.Aaron might change though.Im not one of those other sluts he slept with."she said with a tear falling from her eyes.

"Maybe and let's hope I don't have to kick ass for you."I said teasing her trying to get her happy for me getting her upset.

"Let's just get to the gas station."she said saucily and still kinda mad.

The rest of the walk was silent.

~Andrea's P.O.V~

We started to walk away.I wonder what the letter says?We were walking on the side walk and I seen this boy about my age just staring at us...he looks familiar,but where have I seen him?Oh whatever.As we were walking me and Shane ended up getting in a fight about my boyfriends and Aaron.He made me cry because of what he said I know I have bad choice in boys but I'm sensitive about it.Ever sense my last boyfriend Shane is over protective,more than my brothers,well two are in college(they are twins)and the other is a senior in high school.What happened last time I had a boyfriend,he was abusive.I didn't care,I thought I loved him and each time I came home after seeing him I would have a new bruise,but I would make things up like,it happened while skateboarding,I fell on the half pipe.Until one day I came home with I black eye crying,Shane was there,he rushed over to me before my brother and father could.


I ran in crying.What did I do wrong?All I did was confront him because I caught him flirting with another girl at the mall,then we went back to his house and he got mad and hit me repeatedly.When I walked in the front door I fell to the ground instantly.Shane ran over to me kneeling down next to me.I looked down I wouldn't look at him,I didn't want him to freak out,too late.He lifted my chin up in looked at me,he looked sad,and angrily,"Guys get in here!"he yelled for my dad and Bentley(bother that's a senior).They ran over,my dad picked me up and sat me on the couch,we hugged and I couldn't stop crying into him."What happened,who did this?"Shane said freaking out.I had to tell them,everything.

"Tyler,he hit me....because I yelled at him for flirting with another girl."I said sobbing.My dad held me tighter.

"So I'm guessing all those times you came home with bruises,that was him to wasn't it!"Shane said almost yelling now.I was still crying and all I could do was nod yes."That son of a bitch is going to die!"he yelled running out the door.

"Bentley!Stop him!"my dad yelled still hugging me.Bentley ran out the door after Shane.He quickly came back in.

"He's gone,I can't find him!We need to go!"he said.

We all got into the truck."Go to the skate park they always go there."I said still in tears.

We pulled up into the parking can't see anything from there so I got out of the car and ran to the skate park.I was the first to get there,my heart sank,my cousin was being beaten bye three guys,but he did manage to fight them off kinda.I had to help him I ran up and punched Tyler in the face but that only caused him to push my hard into a rail hurting my ribs.Shane turned to see if I was fine.Tyler was right behind Shane with a skateboard in his hand ready to hit Shane with it."Shane!"I yelled still lying on the ground.He quickly turned around and dodged Tyler.Shane ran over to Bentley who was fighting off the other two because my dad couldn't but I think he was trying to stop the fight.

Tyler was nowhere to be seen.All of a sudden I turn me head and I'm kicked in the ribs bye Tyler,he kept kicking in the ribs.Now I couldn't breath,I kept gasping for air."You'll never be loved you are ugly and worthless,I only used you to get better girls that felt bad for me because I was with you!"he miked and kicked me again.Shane emir an over and punched him in the face and he wouldn't stop.the other two boys ran off and my dad and Bentley were trying to get Shane off of Tyler.Last thing I knew I heard police sirens before I blacked out.

I woke up in the hospital with excruciating pain in my chest and it hurt to breath.I had a bandage wrapped around my chest and right shoulder.I was worried about what happened,"Where's Shane?"I asked looking at my dad who was happy and shocked to see me.

"He's in jail."My dad said.

"Tyler?"I asked wanting to know where the scumbag went.

"Same."my dad answered."He's in major trouble for hurting you."

"Good the bad turf deserves it.When can I leave,I want to get Shane out."I said attempting to sit up but it hurt to much that I just lied down again.

"Here let me help you,the doctor said you can when you woke up and we were planing on going when you did too."Bentley said helping me sit up.We grabbed my things and went to the truck to the police station.

It took an hour to get him out because of the paper work.he came out with his blood filled and ripped up clothes.he hugged me when he seen I was still alive,he squeezed me too tight it hurt.I finally let out a yelp."What?"he asked.

"She has 5 broken ribs."my dad said.Wow I didn't think that much I was so worried about Shane I guess I forgot.We dropped Shane off home and we headed home,even though I just woke up all I want to do is sleep.

~End of Flashback~

I cleared the memory out of my head and realized that we were at the gas station.I texted my dad to hurry up but when I sent it he was already here.I hoped on the passenger side of the truck and Shawn went in the back."So,What you want to tell me?"

"Can it wait till we get home?"he asked.


We got home and I put my long board on the side of the door and sat on the couch.My dad sat next to me and Shawn sat on the other couch."So?"

"You know that skateboard tour competition that has been going on?"he asked.

"Ya,it's called the S.A.T.W."I corrected him.It wax sort for Skate Around The World it was stupid.

"Well their last stop is in North Carolina and I want you three to be in it!"he said.

"So,what are you trying to say?Are we going on a trip?"I asked

No.We're moving there!"he said.

"What !"I said confused.We can't move!

Authors note:

Hey there guys sorry,movellas deleted the ending of the chapter and I was so mad!!3more reads and comments for next chapter to see what happens to Andrea and Aaron.What the note says.And more!!

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