The Skater Girl

Andrea grew up with three older brothers,who were over protective but taught her many things especially how to skateboard(at the age of four)by time she was 15,which is now,she was a pro.But what happens When she enters a big skateboard competition and something goes terribly wrong?Who will help her back on her feet.


3. The Move

I heard a bang of the car door closing waking me up.We were here.The house was semi big but it wasn't home.

"Me,dad,and Shane are going to unload the truck and bring the stuff inside."Bentley said.

"Ok,ill come help then."

"Nah,its good go look around the house,find your new bedroom."Bentley said.

"But I wa-."I began to protest.

"No buts,go have a look."

I gave up the fight and walked into my house witch is way bigger on the inside then the outside.There was a spiral staircase leading to the second floor,if you go straight it leads in to the living room then leading into the kitchen.If you turn left there's my Dad's office and the right is the dining room.Upstairs there is four bedrooms for each of us and a guest bedroom.There is three bathrooms,one in my room,my dad's and one for the boys in the hallway.My dad said that because I was so upset about the move that I can have the second biggest room.

I walked into my bedroom and it was light blue.It calmed me,I felt comfortable.There was a big window where I can sit in the window sill.

Outside was as amazing as the inside.There was a single willow tree,my favorite type of tree.

"Hello."I swung my head to the right to see a hansom brunette with blue eyes.

"Hey."I said back trying to keep cool.He was wearing a helmet and elbow pads that's all I seen because he was leaning on the wooden fence.

"Can I hop over to give a proper greeting."Oh he's very polite.

"Ya."I watched as he hopped over the fence,he was strong and skinny.His shirt shifted up as he did this revealing his six pack,I just turned my head to seem like I wasn't staring at him.

"Okay.Hello my name is Ben."He that is now named said holding out his hand for me to shake.

"Andrea."I said shaking his hand."So what are you a skater?"

"Ya,I was just practicing on my have pipe before."Ben answered.

"I skate too,the best in my old town."

"Where did you move from?"


"Why'd you move all the way here?"Ben questioned.

"Skating competition and also my dad's been like dying to move here."

"Bet your mother wasn't so happy."He said.

"Well she's dead so..."I said.

"I'm soo sorry I didn't know!"He said quickly.

"It's fine."I said trying to force myself not to cry.

"I have to go,Nice meeting you Andrea and I'm sorry again."

"Same here."

" See you soon maybe,If you want to hang out,I'll show you the skate park and introduce you to some of my friends you'll like them.

"Ya sure maybe tomorrow,2:00 maybe?"I said taking his offer up.

"Ya,perfect."He grined making him cuter."Bye."

"Bye."I said as he climbed back over to his house,then I proceeded back into my own house to see if they finished bringing everything in.

"Looks like someone made a new friend!"

"SHIT Bentley!You scared the fuck out of me!"I yelled at him.

"So who was that guy?"He said winking at me.

"None of your business.Why were you ease dropping?"I protested.

"That's what brothers are for.So you like him,don't you?"he said winking again.

"Nope.I still like Aaron I just hope I'll see him again."

"Well you're going to be seeing the neighbor tomorrow so..."

"You ass!"I said slapping his arm."I'm going to start unpacking."

"Can't wait to meet you boyfriend tomorrow."Bentley screamed up at me as I was walking upstairs.

"Piss Off."I laughed back.


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