The Skater Girl

Andrea grew up with three older brothers,who were over protective but taught her many things especially how to skateboard(at the age of four)by time she was 15,which is now,she was a pro.But what happens When she enters a big skateboard competition and something goes terribly wrong?Who will help her back on her feet.


2. Everything Changes

chapter 2: Everything Changes

Many thoughts were rushing through my mind, we cant move! What about Aaron? What about the letter? The letter I forgot to read it or even look at it! I was still sitting on the couch and everyone was staring at me waiting for an answer. I ran up stairs to my room and locked the door behind me I turned around and noticed all my things packed besides a couple of hoodies. I took the letter out:

Dear Andrea,

             I have trouble expressing my feelings to girls and I no that I have never really cared for a girl or anyone, till I meet you. I know it sounds corny and I know that Shane doesn't want you to be with me because of everything I do but I cant help my feelings for you. I have liked you sense 7th grade and I never stopped even if I had those girlfriends. They didn't mean anything to me. When I found out what your ex did to you  I wanted to go crazy and beat the hell out of him but I knew that wouldn't want me to get myself in trouble again. I promise if you give me a chance I wont use you, I wont hurt you , and I wont do anything stupid ever. Sadly I ran into your dad in town before and we were talking and he told me you guys were moving away. I had to tell you how I felt before it was too late. Even though you are moving away, I promise I will wait for you till the day I died. That was corny too, my sister helped me write this because im not very good at it, hahahahaha. Bye love you

                                              - Aaron


I wanted to sit there and cry but I knew I had to go see Aaron soon. I did end up crying. Why would my dad do this to me, I know that its a once in a lifetime opportunity but I love it here and I love Aaron. I ran down stairs and grabbed my longboard I headed out the door. "Where are you going?" My dad said after me.

"I need to do something ill be back before tomarrow" I said.

"We leave tomarrow." he said.

"Fine ill be back before dinner!" I said. I raced down to the skate park to find Aaron and the others still over there, I raced to them and went right to Aaron. I hugged him and he hugged me tightly and I cried in his chest.

"Guys can you go home we want to be alone?" Aaron basically demanded. They nodded and left. We sat on the bench for a while when he kissed my forehead and told me everything will be alright.

"Im moving tomarrow Aaron.'' I said.

"I know that's why I wrote the letter." he said. "No matter what happens ill always be there for you."

We spent another hour or so then I told him a had to leave and I walked home alone. The worse part is it started to rain on me. Today couldn't get any worse. I kept my head down and my phone kept going off and it was mostly my dad, Bentley, or Shane and I didn't want to talk to them, I turned my phone off eventually. I got to the hill where my house was on and I didn't have the strength to walk up, I eventually made it up the hill. I walked into the house and that was a big mistake. I walk in and see my Aunt Sharron there(Shane's mom),my dad the phone with cops, Bentley on the phone and Shane too. "Never mind she's back, thank you, bye." my Dad said then hung up. "Where the hell were you?" My dad Mostly screamed then asked.

"I told you I had to go somewhere.....I was at a friends." I lied.

"Who's house?" He asked.

"Georgia's." I lied again. "We lost track of time and her mom wasn't home to bring me back so I walked back and I started to rain." At least part of that was true.

"Ok, Now go get changed dinner will be done soon." He said calming down.

I walked up stairs and found a pair of sweat pants and a black tank top. I put my hair in a side fishtail braid. There was slight knock at my door, I open it to see Shane standing in my doorway. "Can we talk?" he asked. I nodded and sat on the bed he was still standing and he closed the door. "I know you weren't at Georgia's tonight." he said. I had a gilty look on my face.

"What do you mean, ya I was." I tried to convince him.

"No, you went to go see Aaron." he said holding the letter up.

"Give me that back! You have no right going through my stuff Shane!" I yelled and tried to snatch the letter out of his hands.

"Ya I do, when my cousin goes missing there is no privacy. By the way it was right on the bed you lucky I was the one to find it and not Bentley or your dad." He said.

"So, What if I went to go see Aaron, whats the matter with that?" I yelled/asked.

"HE IS NOW GOOD AND HELL USE YOU AND THROW YOU IN THE DITCH LIKE THE OTHERS!HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT YOU ANDREA!JUST STOP!" He yelled bringing me in tears and Bentley slamming into me room and took Shane out.

Bentley came in shortly after, "I knew about Aaron, I read it before Shane and don't listen to Shane he's just scared about you he wants you safe." He explained and hugged me.His long blond hair got in my eye making me pull back. Everyone in my family originally had blond hair and blue eyes.

"You need a hair cut." I said laughing and wiping tears away from my eyes. He chuckled.

"Lets go eat." he said. I followed him downstairs and everyone was sitting eating. Bentley and I made plates and sat at the table. It was silent until the end when my dad broke the silence.

"Well, Aunt Shannon agreed to let Shane come move with us in North Carolina!" Shane looked shocked and happy.

"Well that's great!" I said.

Dinner was done and I headed up stairs to my room, I packed the rest of the sweatshirts and the letter too. I crawled into my bed that only had one pillow and a small thin blanket to cover up with. I fell a sleep an hour later, I didn't want to wake up at all I wanted to stay here.


Authors Note: So What you think so far? Please leave a like a comment for the next chapter. 3 more reads and comments too for next chap. Also check out my other books too. Im also writing a book with ReBizier and its called The Story Of My Life and it is amazing I like it and so does she! Also go to her account she has good books to and her latest is called Summer Love.Bye Chickens see you soon!!!!!!!!


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