The Skater Girl

Andrea grew up with three older brothers,who were over protective but taught her many things especially how to skateboard(at the age of four)by time she was 15,which is now,she was a pro.But what happens When she enters a big skateboard competition and something goes terribly wrong?Who will help her back on her feet.


4. "Date"

I woke up around 12:30.Most of my room was already unpacked I only had a bit more clothes to unpack.I still have two hours till I go hang out with Ben.I go down stairs to get a bowl of Fruit Loops.That's when I see it,him.Why is been in my kitchen?!I slowly continued going down the steps."Hey hun."My Dad greeted me.

"Hi dad."I said with a questionable look on my face,plus I was looking at Ben.His eyes are so cute.Wait,no stop that.

"Ben came here to drop off some cookies that his mom made for us."My Dad explained.Oh makes sense now.OH NO!Bentley!If he sees Ben is here I'll never hear the end of it.

"Where's Bentley?"

"He went to go for  job interview.He left this morning,why?"

"No reason."

"I'm going to get dressed."I can NOT stay in the same room as Ben.Aaron.Oh I miss Aaron.

"But what about breakfast?"Ben ask.

"I'm not hungry anymore."I run back upstairs.Why.Why today.Ugh and I agreed to go hang out with him too so he's probably not going to leave till I'm ready.What do I even wear?I want to wear something nice,but not to nice because then they'll think of me as a girly girl which I'm not.What if we go skateboarding I can't wear a skirt,plus it's summer so pants are out of the equation.I finally settle for a pair of denim shorts and I was wearing a "muscles and mascara" muscle shirt.Girly,but it showed I'm not a girly girl.I put on a little bit of makeup,only eye liner and mascara.I pull my hair up in a pony tail and add a black bow right in front of the elastic,a girl can never say no to a big bow.

     I make my down the stairs and to the kitchen time now being,2:15,whoops."Ben I'm ready!"I yell walking towards the kitchen,no answer."Ben?"He's not in the one is in the kitchen.I search the whole house,no one.I search the back yard,no one.That's when I realized my Dad was gone.I ran back into the kitchen and sure enough there it is,


I went to the store to get some groceries,be home soon!

love Daddy"

Ugh then where's Ben?!Should I go over his house?Should I get him?Typical guys.I swear they're all the same,I don't care if we just met yesterday,when I see him I'm going to yell at him.

I'm at his front door.What if he doesn't answer?I'll still knock I have to if I'm going to yell at him.I knock once.I knock twice.It takes a couple minuets for the front door to fly open."Hey Andrea?"Ben said,but mainly asked.

"2:00,we were supposed to hang out?"

"Oh..I forgot...uhhh well lets go now I'll take my Dads car."

"No Ben,it's fine if you don't want to go."Please say you'll still go.

"I want to,plus I owe you for showing up late,so I'll pay for lunch."

lunch?No one said anything about lunch.Oh my is Bentley right?Is this a date?The only answer from me was a nod of my head.


Ben pulls into an old fashioned diner downtown.It looks pretty nice there's even a jukebox!

"Hello huns,Take a seat anywhere you'd like."The waitress tells us,she's not a day over 30.

"Ohhh can we sit by the jukebox!"I say to Ben tugging on his arm like I'm a five year old asking her dad for candy.

"Ya."Ben laughs at me,he has perfect white teeth oh my.Stop,not a date.

The table next to the jukebox is round and has two chairs across from each other.The thing I like most about these seats is that the chairs have red shiny cushions and they have the metal napkin holders that you can see your reflection from the side of it.We sit down and I instantly look at myself on the side of the napkin holder."What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at myself."I say without looking up.

Ben holds something in front of me,I glance up.It's two quarters,"The jukebox cost 50 cents,choose a song."

I get up and head over to the jukebox.The songs are all old,but I wouldn't expect Taylor Swift on here.One song does catch my eye,It's an old song that my grandfather used to listen to.It's Elvis's,"Hound Dog".My grandfather loves Elvis.The song bellows through the diner.

"Elvis,good choice."Ben smiles,"You ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time.You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine!"He sang out trying his hardest to sound like Elvis Presley.

Everyone was staring at us and all I could do was laugh at him.I began to clap."My grandfather would love you!He loves Elvis."

"Well then I must meet him!"

"You're a goof."A goof what's wrong with me?!
"Hello Ben,what will it be today?"The young waiter ask.

"I'll have a grilled cheese and a large strawberry milkshake."

"A milkshake?With grilled cheese?"I say

"Don't knock it until you you've tried."he says then winks at me.

"Fine,'I'll have a grilled cheese."I say without looking away from Ben.

"Anything to drink Dear?"

"No,I'm good."I say glancing at Ben.The waitress walks away,but before putting two straws on the table.

"Why'd,no you aren't stealing my milkshake!"

"Watch me."I mock.

"You're evil." He said.

His blue eyes are so dreamy.Stop.

"So you must come here a lot if the waitress knows you're name."

"I come here often,but she's my moms best friend too so."he said with a smirk on his face.

"Well how would I know that I don't even know your last name."I say all high and mighty 



"My last name is Stone.Ben Micheal Stone."He said.

"Oh and I got your middle name."He just smiled his boyish smile.

"Here you go sugars,two grilled cheeses and one large strawberry milkshake."

"Thank you."We say at the same time.

"Okay are you ready to try the masterpiece?"He asked tearing a part of his grilled cheese off and dipping it into the milkshake.

"Sure."I'm definitely going to have a bad stomach ache after this.Ben feeds me the concoction,which is kind of awkward.To my surprise it wasn't so bad,but I couldn't let him know that."It could be better."

"Wow,really?You don't know how to live."He says as he stuffs grilled cheese and milkshake into his mouth.Ugh now I want more!

"I'll try it one more time to see if there's a difference." I said trying to hide my smirk,but I think I failed at that attempt."Not bad."I start to laugh I don't even know why.

"I don't know if I can trust you anymore.You lied."He joins in with my laughter.His laugh is cute,not weird where you start snorting through laughing,his is more like a couple chuckles and then he's done.And when he laughs I realize he has these cute little dimples on his face which helps you focus on his mouth and his pearly white teeth showing as he laughs.He kind of squints his eyes too ,not to much though.

"Andrea?You ok?"Ben says.I must have been out of it staring at him!I'm so stupid,I probably seem like a freak.

"Ya I was just daydreaming."I was so expressionless like a turtle.

"That bored?"He says.That's when I see it,the hurt expression.I didn't mean it,if he knew what I was thinking he would know it was the complete opposite.I want to tell him,but that would ruin things because I know there can't be an us because I already have another half,but ,but I don't know.

"No,no it's not like that.I'm really enjoying myself.This milkshake is like heaven."I take the milkshake and start drinking it.

"Don't drink it all."He laughs again and that's when I know he's alright know.

We end up finishing our food and walking downtown doing some window shopping,but not actually getting anything.

"So where did you guys come from?"Ben ask,this has been going on the whole time just the other way around,I was the one asking him all these questions.I found out that he had a little sister and a little brother,twins,his parents are divorced and he lives with his Mother,he loves/has a dog(s),German Shepard which I beg to see,and he had an older brother who passed away over a year ago.He doesn't say much about that besides that it was a bank robbery,his brother tried to help.

"Connecticut.Small town,you know everyone there."I say.We're stopped in front of  a Store that has a whole bunch of things,it's a vintage store that sells everything from a type writer,to clothes,to jewelry."That's so pretty."I point to a beautiful old locket with a bunch of designs engraved into it,and a blue charm right dab in the middle.

"It's only $20."Ben says as if he was going to get it,and before I can object hes already inside the store talking to the clerk,then he's grabbing the locket from the window and handing it to Ben.Ben then walks out of the store with a tiny bag."Here you go."

"Ben ,why?You didn't have to get me it."I can feel that I still have a half surprised half happy look on my face,and I try to make it go away,but I probably failed.

He takes the locket out of the bag,"Here,turn around."he says.I listen and turn around to he can put the locket on me."There you go."I turn back around to face Ben again."It looks great on you."I look up at hims and my cheeks go all hot,I'm blushing,damn!

"Does it open?"He ask.

"I don't know lets see."I try to open the locket,but It doesn't budge.I then try to force it open and yet again it won't open."I guess not.Oh well I still really like it."

"Good."I smiles,but it's not like before,he goes shy and starts to look down at the ground then back up at me,I don't know if it's a guy thing,but it's really cute.Before I know it he cups my face and kisses me.I'm so surprised by this action that my eyes are open and I'm not kissing back.I find some sense of calmness and I start to kiss him back.He's still cupping my face and I don't know where to put my hands so I find his sides and place them there.His lips are soft and gentle,it's not a sloppy kiss,it's a passionate,slow kiss and it's like the outline of are faces fit perfectly align with each other.

This perfect ,beautiful moment is ruined by my phone ringing.We break from our kiss,I don't go straight to my phone we sit there for a little bit just staring at each other."Are you going to pick that up?"He smiles,not a full smile,half of a smile that only exposes one of his dimples.I smile up and look at my phone.Bentley.

"What?"I answer just a little bit to rude.

"Andrea  I have to tell you something important so listen."

"Bentley It's not a good time ok,I'll see you soon,bye."

"Adndr-"I hang up the call a bit to early.What can be so important that he has to interrupt me.I breath out long and loud.

"You ok?"Ben ask.

"Ya,I should be heading home though."

"Okay lets go."He says grabbing and holding my hand.


We make it back home and it's weird,we are still holding hands and we are standing in front of my front door.I don't want the day to end or have him go."You want to go inside?My dad's probably making dinner."I say,then I check my phone,he's not making dinner quite yet it's only 3:50.

"Ahh sure,why not."

We go inside and my jaw drops,I can't believe what I'm seeing.






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