Over the Hills and Far Away

For the Salvage Comp XD Enjoy.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


1. Prologue

In the wake of the deadly 18th century – there is peace and prosperity between England and Spain at last.

However, peace came with its price.

While the monarchs and aristocrats of the realms remained unaffected, the English navy discarded three-quarters of its loyal sailors – leaving them to unemployment and poverty.

Thus began a golden age, a decade of piracy.

Only inflamed further by a German prince, George I, taking the English throne in 1714: many forsook their homes to venture out into the New World (the recently discovered Americas and the Caribbean islands) in search of fortune and adventure.


With loyalty to no-one and a burning anger against the oppression of the British military – pirates roamed the Caribbean. A single plunder gained a pirate more than the amount of money a regular sailor would be paid over 20 years, and – as savage as they might have been – pirate captains were chosen democratically, all men were given a chance at glory (a quarter of most pirate crews were made up of former slaves) and, if a limb was lost at battle, a pirate was generously compensated for his losses.


But as they became more noticeable, several measures were taken to rid the sea of pirates…

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