Over the Hills and Far Away

For the Salvage Comp XD Enjoy.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


20. iii.


Tinker – In Ireland and Scotland, this word means gypsy. Colloquially, however, it may also mean a mischievous person.

Pillock – Idiot or foolish person.


Blunderbuss – A pistol with little range, but deadly accuracy.

Cutlass – A short sword with a slightly curved blade, formerly used by sailors.

Musket – A light gun with a long barrel, typically smooth-bored and fired from the shoulder.


Brig – A two-masted square-rigged ship, typically having an additional lower fore-and-aft sail on the gaff and a boom to the mainmast.

Man-o’-war – A heavily-armed warship.

Schooner – a sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast


Privateer – an armed ship owned and crewed by private individuals holding a government commission and authorized for use in war, especially in the capture of merchant shipping.

Quarter-master – a naval petty officer with particular responsibility for steering and signals.

Buccaneer – a pirate, originally one operating in the Caribbean.


The New World – the western hemisphere: the hemisphere that includes North America and South America.


Apoplexy – unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral haemorrhage or stroke.

Apothecary – a person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs.


Shanty – a song with alternating solo and chorus, of a kind originally sung by sailors while performing physical labour together.

Ballad – a poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas. Traditional ballads are typically of unknown authorship, having been passed on orally from one generation to the next.


Wench – a girl or young woman. Or a prostitute.

Wyrd sister – reference to the Three Witches in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.       

The Scottish Play – Another name for Macbeth.


Mutiny – open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.

Maroon – leave (someone) trapped and alone in an inaccessible place, especially an island.

Gibbet – an upright post with an arm on which the bodies of executed criminals were left hanging as a warning or deterrent to others.


Leviathan – (in biblical use) a sea monster, identified in different passages with the whale and the crocodile (e.g. Job 41, Ps. 74:14), and with the Devil (after Isa. 27:1).

Mermaid – a mythical sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair.

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