Over the Hills and Far Away

For the Salvage Comp XD Enjoy.

Cover by Secrets Unfold


18. i.


Thom McCarthy or Tinker –

Fictional.Captain of The Tinker’s Curse. Privateer-turned-Pirate.

Malcolm Smith –

Fictional. Thom’s quarter-master. Privateer-turned-Pirate.

Mrs McCarthy –

Fictional. Thom’s step-mother.

Margaret McCarthy –

Fictional. Thom’s half-sister.


Barnibus Quick –

Fictional. Captain of The Half-Caste. Ex-slave turned pirate.

Anne Bonny –

Non-fictional. (8 March 1702 – 22 April 1782). Eighteenth-century Caribbean pirate. Operated with Mary Read and Calico Jack Rackham, before escaping and disappearing into obscurity.

Jenkins –

Fictional. Captain of The Grudge. Pirate.


Benjamin Hornigold –

Non-fictional. (Died 1719) Captain of The Benjamin. One of the founders of the Piratical Republic of Nassau. Eighteenth century Caribbean ex-pirate turned pirate-hunter.

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