My love for you (a poem for my crush)

This is a poetry about my love for my crush in 2014. I hope you enjoy it. I actually wanted this to be for him but I don't know if I dare. Maybe I'll send him a card on valentines day with this poem. Hmm... Or another poem describing my feelings for him.


1. Love for you

My love for you is a bit unclear

But I know a feeling is here.

Is this feeling, love?

Or is it above?

Everytime I catch your eyes

My heart can't tell lies.

It starts to play a song

The beat goes: Badum badum.

I have had this feeling for awhile

And I want to be with you on the ile.

This feeling I've heard you have too

If it's for me I don't know what to do.

I want your kisses

And I want to be your Misses.

[as in a married woman]

Maybe that was too far

But you're like a star.

Maybe someday you'll confess

Cause this waiting is giving me stress

I can't confess to you

My shyness I want to sue.

To think of you as my groom is too much

But i want to date you and such

Maybe we would work out

As north and south

Well this is the end

Of my love I send

To tell you all

That my love ain't small

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