Hidden in the Dark

Being a 1/2 vampire, 1/2 demigod does suck. The cravings...trying to figure out what happen to your vampire mom when your step-mom told you that how she died was a lie... Especially when you fall madly in love with a girl that your best friend also loves...


2. Thank you, Zeus.

When Logan got back we all grabbed our bags and headed to the portal, "Hey, I'm gonna go talk to Chiron before we leave I'll meet y'all at the truck." Logan took my bag and together they waved and walked through the portal.

I slowly climbed the steps of the camp directors house and knocked on the door. Dionysus answered it only in purple boxers and a orange man tank top his dyed blonde hair was tasseled and he smelt like wine.

"D, is Chiron awake?" I ran a hand through my brown hair. "Yeah," he mumbled "unlike normal people.. CHIRON, THE HELL CHILD IS HERE." I rolled my eyes. "I'm coming, D." I heard squeaking then Chiron was there beside D in his wheelchair that he uses when he isn't in his horse form. I let out a breath, "I'm leaving to London."

Dionysus waved, "Have fun."

Chiron growled, "Go to bed, you drunk." Dionysus waved and descended up the stairs to his room. Chiron laughed a little and shook his head, "Anyway, Good luck, child."

"There's something about Miley that unsettles me. She makes me speechless."

"You like her, Sam."

"I don't know. I've never really liked a girl it's always been "Hey baby" then I bite them. I haven't liked a girl in ages and if I have I haven't been able to date her because I'll end up biting her or hurting her or something."

Chiron shifted in his seat and stroked his long beard, "Well, if you don't feel like you're gonna do that and you really do like Miley then ask her out on a date."

I nodded, "I will." Chiron out his hand on my shoulder and squeezed, "Good luck, my son, may Zeus be with you." I smiled and left.

I walked to Logan's charger and saw Logan and Miley making out by the passengers door. I just stood there in shock.

I cleared my throat. They pulled away and Logan looked at me as Miley looked at the ground and blushed. "I don't care just let me in the car." I pushed past them and got in the passengers side.

Logan got in the driver's side and Miley got in the back. "Dude, we're sorry." Logan tried to apologize. I clenched my teeth so my fangs wouldn't show and nodded. "Are you mad, Sam?" Miley asked. I shook my head, "I'm hungry."

Logan raised an eyebrow, "You drank a few days ago. A lot too. Can't you wait?"

I growled and bared my fangs at him, "No."

We drove to the next town and pulled over by a teen club, "You guys wait here I'll be back in a few hours." I got out and went into the club.

Teenage desperate girl is my target.

I saw a girl in a black skin tight short low cutting dress and black 6 inch heels with heavy make up on and curled thick black hair and her hazel eyes popped with the heavy make up on.

I slowly walked toward her, "Hey, babe." She gave me a look then her eyes ran up and down my body examining everything, and I do mean everything, "Mm hey, hottie."

"Lets get out of here. There's a few rooms in the back of the club for people to go. You wanna?"

"Oh yes." I held her hand and pulled her to the back of the club and into one of the rooms.

I pushed her on to the bed after locking the door and laid over her as we made out. She took my shirt and pants off and I took her tight dress off. She traced my V line down to the waist band of my boxers and took them off.

I unclipped her strapless bra and threw it across the room then crawled down to her panties and slid then off then kissed her chest and kissed her neck then bit down.

By the taste of the first drop of blood I could tell she wasnt a virgin. I kept drinking and letting all my worries disappear.


The person that killed my mom...

Logan and Miley kissing...


After about an hour of drinking this poor human's blood I pulled my fangs out and licked the blood off her neck and laid her sleeping body back down regularly on the bed and covered her up with the blanket then wiped the blood of my lips and chin.

I kissed her lips softly and whispered, "Now you forget."

I got dressed and left the room. I pushed through the crowded club of desperate sweaty teenagers and made my way to Logan's red charger.

I climbed into the passengers seat and rolled my eyes as Logan gave me a "Did you kill her?" look. I shook my head, "She's fine. She'll be on bed rest for awhile. But she's fine."

Logan sighed and continued our drive to the airport.

After 2 hours of straight driving we were at the airport. We all got out and grabbed our bags. Just as we walked into the airport I got a wonderful phone call, Hermes.

"Hello?" I walked a little ways from Logan and Miley. "Samsun, Chiron gave me some money and plane tickets to London for me to give you." The background was loud and I heard waves.

I nodded, "Where is it?"

"In your jacket pocket. I have to go. Remember to pray to Zeus before you fly. Bye!" And he hung up.

I put my HTC droid back into my pocket and then pulled 3 tickets to London and an envelope full of money out of my jacket pocket.

I walked back over to Logan and Miley and gave them their plane tickets. Miley smiled, "I've never been on a plane."

"Yeah well lucky you. You guys will be safe. I have to pray to Zeus before I can ride." I mumbled. We gave our bags to the guards and let them check them. (Don't worry about our weapons there's a mist on them in our bags that make humans not able to see them or any demigod or stuff like things).

We got on the plane and I bowed my head as we sat down in first class.

Zeus, Uncle, I know you hate my father but I'm trying to help my step mother by getting her daughter. Please grant me this plane ride and not strike me down. Please. Give me a sign saying if I can survive and you grant me this ride.

I slowly opened one of my eyes and heard a distant sound of thunder. I smiled and muttered, "Thank you."

Logan looked at me, "Looks like Zeus is letting you pass."

I smiled, "Yeah he is."

Miley looked at us, "You have to pray every time you're in the air?" I nodded, "And every time I swim. Zeus and Poseidon hate my father so his children have to pray before they can do anything that is part of the other big 2."

Logan stared at his cup of coke and it filled back up.

After a few hours of flying we were landing in the airport of London, England.

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