Hidden in the Dark

Being a 1/2 vampire, 1/2 demigod does suck. The cravings...trying to figure out what happen to your vampire mom when your step-mom told you that how she died was a lie... Especially when you fall madly in love with a girl that your best friend also loves...


1. Camp half blood

I grabbed her neck and pulled her closer making sure my fangs were still deep in her white flesh. I halfway moaned into her neck as I gulped down her dark crimson delicious blood.

Her body became limp and I just threw it to the side. "Samsun!" My best friend yelled on the other side of my room's door. "We have to go. It's a 2 day drive to camp we have to leave right now."

My name is Samsun Gregory, people call me Sam most of the time, I'm half vampire half demigod. I have chopped brown hair with green eyes and a strong build.

I'm 16 and I live by myself. My mother was killed by a vampire hunter. My father well.... Hades is kinda busy...

I stood up, put my clothes back on, and washed my face. My fangs shrank back in and I opened the door. Logan sighed, "Really? You had to suck the girl dry?"

I shrugged, "She's alive when she wakes up she'll be weak for a few days but oh well."

Logan was the son of Apollo, he always tends to the people I drink from. He has golden shaggy hair and bright blue eyes, he's scrony but can shoot an arrow and never miss a target. He's 16 also and we live together. Like my mom his mom was also a creature of the night kinda sorta. She was a witch which makes him a wizard.

She died last year in a horrible car accident.

Logan quickly bandaged the girl I drank from up and grabbed his keys, "I'm driving."

2 days later

We arrived at camp half blood on a Sunday. It was chilly but it's always hot when we cross the border.

We walked through the woods a few miles and walked into camp half blood.

"Sam, Logan! Welcome back!" Chiron yelled as we walked through the portal. "Chiron, it's a pleasure to see you again!" Logan, who's all cheery when we get here, smiled shaking Chiron's hand.

Chiron has long brown hair and a beard the same color. He was a horse from the waist down. Yes, a horse with a man's torso and head. He's a Centaur.

"Samsun, I smell the blood on you. Must have a had a good feed before you came. Think that can hold you for 3 months?" Chiron asked, raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head, "Funny, I prefer virgins. By the way. They have such pure blood."

Chiron laughed loudly, "You have the sense of humor like your father."

I laughed and walked to my cabin, it was big and black with skulls decorating it. With a black bunk beds and 1 king sized black bed. Everything in the cabin is black.

I laid on the bed and threw my bag on the ground. "Hello?" A sweet little voice yelled. I groaned, "Who is it?"

"My name is Miley." The voice answered. "What do you want?" I sat up as She came into the cabin, "I'm Hestia's daughter. Can you tell me where her cabin is?"

My mouth dropped. She was gorgeous. She had long thick curly black hair with a pair of piercing hazel eyes a button nose, she was skinny with big boobs and a big butt.

"How old are you?" I asked her. "15." She moved a strand of hair out of her eyes and tucked it behind her ear.

I just stared at her.

She was gorgeous. She blushed when she noticed I was starring at her, "Will you stop?"

I shook my head to get out of the daze, "Stop what?"

"Starring at me." She smiled. Such a beautiful smile. "I'm sorry." I half way smiled. I stood up and held my arm out for Miley, "Ma'am, I'll lead you to the dinner then talk to Chiron, who's in charge, about your cabin."

She took my arm and together we walked to the middle of the camp. "Yo, Sam, who's the babe?" Logan asked. I smirked, "Her name is Miley she's Hestia's daughter. She just got here."

Logan adjusted his sword which was in his stealth, "I'm Logan."

She blushed, "I'm Miley. But Sam already told you that. Hehe!"

"WHERE IS HADES' SON?!?!" An angry raspy loud voice yelled. I looked around for the person, who the crap was it?

It was a women I knew that much.

She appeared in front of me. Long brown hair, with dark brown eyes, tan skin, dressed in a tight black dress and black heels.


My "lovely" step-mother.

"Persephone," I grimaced "may I help you?"

"I have a daughter in London." She smiled.

I nodded, "And..?"

"I need you to get her."


"You'll run into an....old friend of your mom's."

"My mom... She's dead."

"He's the one that killed her."

I bared my fangs, "I'll rip his neck open."

Logan put his hand on my forearm, "Sam.. Calm down."

Persephone looked at Logan sideways, "Logan Suntan, the guy also killed your mother."

Logan's hand dropped and his eyes narrowed, "She was killed in a car accident."

"That's what you think."

Miley put her hand on our arms, "Guys, what's going on?"

"Aww Little Miley Tully. How's your dad?"

Miley grabbed Logan's sword and had it pointed at Persephone's heart before I could blink, "Ask again, and I'll kill you."

Persephone laughed, "Your father was truly amazing in bed, too bad he died. I bet you want to know what happen to him."

"Go to Hell."

"Go to London. You'll find out." With that she was gone.

Chiron galloped over, "Samsun, Logan, Miley, are you okay?"

We all nodded as Miley put the sword back into Logan's stealth. "Sir, I'm Hestia's daughter. Does she have a cabin?" Miley asked. Chiron smiled, "Yes, my dear. Sam, are you going to go to London?"

I shook my head, "I don't know, probably."

"Take Miley with you." Chiron instructed. I shook my head fiercely, "No. I just met her. She knows nothing of what me and Logan are and I don't know what she's capable of. She about killed my step-mother!"

Miley crossed her arms, "Samsun Gregory son of Hades also son of Hannah Gregory, died a year ago due to a vampire slayer. You're half vampire and are 16.

"Logan Suntan, son of Apollo, 16, mother was killed in a car accident, half wizard." Logan looked at her with his mouth agape.

Miley shook her head and the glaze that her eyes held was gone, "Wow, I didn't know that i knew that much about you guys. That's strange." I just looked at her, something wasn't right.

"You must leave to go to London to find your step-mother's daughter, Samsun." Chiron put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I nodded and slowly walked to my cabin and yelled over my shoulder, "I'm going by myself!"

Logan and Miley were by me before I even got 20 feet away. "Yeah, no, we don't think so." Logan laughed as he followed me to my cabin. "Plus I only know you Guys so I'm going!" Miley added as she tagged along.

I shook my head, "Miley, you're gonna die."

She snorted, "No. I'll live. I pulled a sword on your step-mom I'm pretty sure I can live."

"Isn't your mom supposed to be a virgin?" Logan asked giving Miley a flirty look. Miley blushed, "She is. She imagined a child with her and my father's qualities and there I was. A baby in the camp fire they had, swaddled in a small blanket crying for my mommy. Right after I turned 3 my mom left. She told my father that she had to Leave. I can make fire out of anything and control it and find people with fire."

We walked into my cabin and went to the room with weapons. "What's y'all's story?" Miley asked as she looked at the daggers I had set up.

Logan shifted uncomfortably, "My dad left when I was 2."

I nodded, "Same as mine. My mom and Logan's mom met at a preschool and became best friends. When we were 6 they told each other their stories."

Miley hugged Logan and rubbed his back, "I'm sorry."

I sighed and grabbed my favorite katanas and put them In their sheath and settled them on my back and grabbed my still packed bag.

"Logan, are you taking a bow?" I asked as I grabbed Logan's favorite bow and arrows off my shelf. "Yes." Logan answered as Miley got out of his arms. I put them in their sheath and handed them to him as he put them on his back, "I'm gonna go get my bag and meet you back here." I nodded as he left me and Miley alone.

I just looked at Miley, "What do you like to fight with?"

She shrugged, "I can throw daggers." I put them in a holder and handed it to her and watched her buckle the holder around her waist.

"Where's your bag?" I grabbed my keys off my weapon's counter. "Umm, I left by your door." She left the room and went to get her bag.

Something about her just made me speechless.

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