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13. Chapter 9

Linda's P.O.V 


*2 weeks later*


"ZAYN" I screamed as I was running after Zayn to give me my phone back

"NEVER" Zayn shouted at me while laughing and running 

"You two stop" Liam said and we both stopped in our trakes. You don't really wanna mess with Liam!

"C'mon Liam lighten up" Harry said while he came to stand next to me

"Well not now, we need to get going or we'll be late" Liam paused for a second "AGAIN" 

"Ok ok" I said and walked to the door and got into the van with Lou next to me next to him was Niall. In the seats behind us sat Liam, Harry and Zayn.


You see today the boys are going to rehearsal and meeting up with 5SOS (Five seconds of summer)


"Why do I have to come, You are the famous ones not me" I said crossing my arms day dreaming about my bed

"Its not gonna be that bad and besides YOU'RE MEETING 5 FUCKING SECONDS OF SUMMER" Niall said 

"Whatever" I said and then plugged my headphones into my iPhone. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of 5SOS but I really wanna sit in bed with loads of food beside me, My laptop and good music.


*20 mins later*


"WE'RE HERE" screamed Harry as he jumped out of the van and into the O2 arena.


We all got inside and oh my god It's HUGE 


"Wow" was all I could say

"I know" Liam said 

"You're late" I heard a voice from behind us say I turned around and guess who it was? CALUM FUCKING HOOD. He came running to the boys and hugging them. 


"CALUM" They all said at the same time making me giggle 

"I missed you lads" He said fake crying. "Oh and who is this lovely young lady" He said acting like an old British man

"She's my little sister" Liam said proudly hugging me 

"Hi" I said flashing Calum a stupid wide smile 

"HIIIIIIII" Ashton said and then he jumped on Luke's back 

"Damn it, are you sure your the oldest member" I said and everyone turned to look at me "What" I asked

"Nice to meet you too" Ashton said and started tearing up

"Oh my god, I didn't mean it in a bad way oh my god I'm so sorry" I said 

"HA HA HA YOU FELL FOR IT" Ashton jumped and started running around as Niall chased after him.

"Well then. By the way I'm Michael" Mike said flashing me one of those heart melting smiles

"And I'm L-" Luke was about to introduce himself but I cut him off

"You're Luke, Thats Ashton, You're Calum and You're Mike. Nice to meet you too" I said smiling at them

"Yay she called me Mike" Michael said sticking his tongue out and everyone started laughing.


All we did after that was talk and talk, the boys rehearsed. We had dinner at some not really fancy resturant. Me and the 5SOS boys exchanged phone numbers, Then we all went home.






Anyway////////////// Are there any 5sos fans here? Well I hope that cause 5SOS are gonna be a part of this fanfic from now on!! Did you guys get the SLSP EP cause I did and its AWSOME! My fav song on it is Heartache On The Big Screen (Its also Luke's fav #JS) LOL SO WHATCHA THINK OF THE UPDATE 





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