Hi, I'm your sister

Haiii my name is Linda. 18 year old girl over here!!
Join me on my adventure of finding out about myself..Trust me it ended up pretty amazing.

Hope you guys like this movella
All rights go to me Faz Tomlinson (Dont steal cause if you do I'll find you and eat you)


12. Chapter 8

Linda's P.O.V.


I got out of the car and hugged my father. I looked to the house infront of me. I'll be calling that place home from now. I'm gonna live with 5 boys I call my idols. One of them is my brother, They person I never thought that I would meet. Now I found out he's my brother. 


"I'll miss you princess" My father said 

"I'll miss you dad" I said "Whose gonna call me princess every morning" 

"Don't worry baby girl" He said "Now its time to start a whole new life" 


As my father knocked the door I just stood then looking at the ground still not ready for this different life. Liam opened the door with the biggest smile on his face he let us in and took my luggages from me and dad. I saw all the boys sitting on the couch. I ran and jumped on them 


"Ow what was that for" Lou asked 

"Just bored" I replied I'm sure you all are wondering why did I jump on them well I HAD TO LOOK HAPPY AND ALL CHEERY 

"Liam get your sister off of us" Zayn shouted in my ear. Liam came running and carried me on his shoulder and kept running around the house 

"And I thought you were the wise one" Harry said

"Ok boys I think I have to go now. Bye baby girl by boys" Dad said

"Bye" We all said as dad left 

"I'll go put my stuff in my new room" I said jumping up and down

"I'll lead you to your new room" Niall said making fun of me

"I don't talk like that you Irishy boy" I said

"Is Irishy even a word" Zayn asked 

"The world may never know" Lou said and everyone started laughing 


As Niall lead me to my NEW ROOM, I looked around it and I was blowed away.

The room is huge with a KING sized bed the wall behind the bed had the UK flag painted on it. The wall next to it had Ireland's flag painted on it. The 3rd wall was green my favourite colour. The 4th wall had 2 doors I opened the first one and it was the bathroom, then I opened the second it was a walk-in closet and guess what? It wasn't empty It was full of clothes and shoes and everything a girl would want.I ran out of the room and went downstairs to see everyone in the kitchen. I went and hugged Liam.


"For" Liam asked

"You don't know? All the clothes in the walk in closet. Duhh" I said 

"What are you talking about" Liam asked with a confused look on his face

"Ehh I bought them" Lou said 

"You" I asked

"Yeah" Lou said and I ran to hug him 

"THANK YOU TOMMO" I said hugging him to death 

"Can't breathe" Lou said

"Oh sorry" I said leaving him "Um but why did you buy them" I asked

"Cause well Liam is gonna share you with us" Lou replied

"What" I asked 

"Your like our sister" Harry said 

"Ohhh" I said "So 5 stupid boys are gonna share me" 

"You could say that" Niall said with a mouth full 






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