Hi, I'm your sister

Haiii my name is Linda. 18 year old girl over here!!
Join me on my adventure of finding out about myself..Trust me it ended up pretty amazing.

Hope you guys like this movella
All rights go to me Faz Tomlinson (Dont steal cause if you do I'll find you and eat you)


4. Chapter 4

Linda's P.O.V.


As mother opened the door I looked into her eyes they had tears she pulled me into a hug, I hugged her back I squeezed her  she did the same. She let go of me and I started tearing up 

"I can't believe I finally get to see you" She told me as she led us inside.


The house was even more bigger than it was from outside. My mother must be rich.


"When was the last time you saw me" I asked her 

She looked me in the eyes and said "When you were only *took a breath* when you were only 9 month old" 

"And now I'm 18" I said looking at the ground, She nodded. "Why didn't I see you all this time" I asked but no one answerd both mum and dad just looked at the ground "Huh" I said with my voice getting louder

"You will know by time" Dad said. 


5 seconds later 2 girls came and stood infront of me .


"Linda" one of them said I looked up at her and smiled while nodding.

The other girl came running to me as she hugged me I smiled and hugged her back. I let go of her and and then the other girl hugged me


"I can't believe I finally get to see my baby sister after all those years" One of the girls said 

"Ok so this is Nicola and Ruth. " Dad said as he pointed at the 2 girls which are my sisters 

"And I'm Karen" Mum said with the biggest smile I ever saw. I smiled back


"I think I heard these names before and I think I saw you guys some where before but I just can't remember where" I said, They just stood there smiling "Oh dad didn't you say that I have a brother" And as I said that 5 boys walked in they were all wearing sun glasses and caps so I didnt see their faces.


"Hey dad" one of those boys said as he removed his sun glasses and I saw my brother's face .....




A\N: sorry sucks IKR? anyway you guys know that I know that you guys know who Linda's brother is now eventho I didn't say his name but you guys know him? RIGHT? Comment below who ;)  and tell me what you think please :))









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