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Haiii my name is Linda. 18 year old girl over here!!
Join me on my adventure of finding out about myself..Trust me it ended up pretty amazing.

Hope you guys like this movella
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15. Chapter 10

Calum's P.O.V.

Right now me and the others (Luke, Michael & Ashton) are watching Scream. I know its npt that scary but Ashton chose it..anyway a few hours ago when we met up with the 1D boys and Liam's gorgeous sister, whenever I look at Luke i see him staring at Linda. She's really beautiful but I don't think that Liam would be happy if Linda and Luke date, its not like Luke likes her but I just feel like I should warn him to try not to fall in love with her! I don't want my bestmate to get hurt, he gor hurt alot and seeing Luke not happy breaks me

Linda's P.O.V.

"Lads I'm bored" Niall said and sat on the floor

"Let's play a game" Harry said and went to sit next to Niall on the floor

"TRUTH OR DARE" Zayn and Lou sai at the same time which made us all laugh

All the boys and I still sat on the couch lost in my stupid thoughts.

"Aren't you gonna play" Liam asked looking at me

"Niall said Lads he didnt say Lads & Linda or Lads & Lady so" I said laughing at their faces. But then we all calmed down and I sat in the floor with them.

On my left sat Harry and on my right sat Zayn. We all talked for a while then decided to start the game!

"Lou truth or dare" Zayn asked

"Truth, I aint gonna risk getting water spilt on me again" Lou replied sarcastically

"What oh my gosh tell me what happened" I siad looking at eachone of them.

Lou gave Niall the 'don't you think of telling her look'

"Ok then, anyway. Lou who's your biggest crush" Niall said smirking.

"Why do you wanna know, I dont have a crush on anyone" Lou replied worried

"Lou you do understand its called truth or dare c'mon tell us we wont tell a fly" I said looking at Lou in the eyes for some reason I really wanted to know!

"Fine, my crush is...." TO BE CONTINUED


I UPDATED!!! Whatcha think? who is Lou's crush? Of course you all want to know but I'm sorry you'll have to wait until the next update!! Haha







-Farah/Faz/Brunette Weirdo/Farouha/5SO1DLover haha


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