Hi, I'm your sister

Haiii my name is Linda. 18 year old girl over here!!
Join me on my adventure of finding out about myself..Trust me it ended up pretty amazing.

Hope you guys like this movella
All rights go to me Faz Tomlinson (Dont steal cause if you do I'll find you and eat you)


14. Chapter 10

Calum's P.O.V.

Right now me and the others (Luke, Michael & Ashton) are watching Scream. I know its npt that scary but Ashton chose it..anyway a few hours ago when we met up with the 1D boys and Liam's gorgeous sister, whenever I look at Luke i see him staring at Linda. She's really beautiful but I don't think that Liam would be happy if Linda and Luke date, its not like Luke likes her but I just feel like I should warn him to try not to fall in love with her! I don't want my bestmate to get hurt, he gor hurt alot and seeing Luke not happy breaks me

Linda's P.O.V.

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