Hi, I'm your sister

Haiii my name is Linda. 18 year old girl over here!!
Join me on my adventure of finding out about myself..Trust me it ended up pretty amazing.

Hope you guys like this movella
All rights go to me Faz Tomlinson (Dont steal cause if you do I'll find you and eat you)


1. Chapter 1

Linda's P.O.V.

"Wake up princess" my dad whispered 

"What time is it" I asked still with my head under my fluffy pillow 

"11 am" Daddy lied. Of course you all are wondering how I knew he was lying..You see when dad wants to wake me up he always says its 11 am so I could rush out of bed eventho it would be 7 am but well my dad is alittle ummm..Different?

"Yeah right' I said as I stood up then I looked at the clock, wow it was really 11 am 

"Now princess go get ready and I'll be downstairs we need to talk" 

"Am I in trouble cause I swear I did nothing" I said worried but I'm sure I did nothing wrong 

"You didn't I just need to tell you something" Dad said a sigh of relief left my mouth. With that my father left my room so I could go shower and get dressed.


*Skipping shower time cause I'm too lazy to write*


As I was out of the shower I dried my brownish-blondish hair and went to my walk-in closet to look for something nice to wear 


Linda's outfit ^^


I was all ready my makeup wasnt much to make my chocolate brown eyes pop 


I went down stairs into the kitchen my dad handed me a cup of tea I took it from him and smiled at him as a thank you he nodded and walked to the kitchen table and took a seat I sat down next to dad 

"So there is something you need to know" dad said looking alittle sad?

"Yeah" I asked waiting for him to continue 



A\N: so hope y'all like my first chappy 

What do you guys Linda's dad wants to tell her? You all will find out in the next chapter 









Yours Truly, 


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