Another Riddle??

Alexandria Riddle has sadly been living with muggles most of her life, but she knows something is wrong with her. She finds this out when a 'Death Eater' shows up and she "Avada Kedavra" him. Then resides to trust the long haired white-blonde and his son.


1. What?!?!?

"See you guys tomorrow." I waved as we parted ways. My friends were really nice, but truly knew nothing about me.
"Hey, Alex." Austin calls from behind me.
"Hey Austin." He seems to know things about me that even I don't know about my self, "What's up??" Austin grabs my shoulders and pushes me hard against a wall, "What are you doing?" 
"Say no...whatever they say. Say no." Austin then disappears past a corner. I look questionably in the direction he ran off in. I rolled my eyes and continue on my way home.

I went under the train mark, the train was coming. As it pasted over me I fell to my knees, covering my ears with my hands. Once the train past I stood up and looked at the 'people' in front and around me.

"Come with us." Once of them spoke as he toke off the weird pointy hat. The man's hair was really long and almost white, but still had some blonde in it.
"Sorry, I need to get home." I toke a step to get past him but he just blocked my path.
"Home. With those muggles." He spoke loudly.
"Why should I?" I toke a step back and crossed my arms over my chest.

"You don't belong here." A new voice sounded, I looked past the man to see and almost exact copy of him but smaller. White-blonde hair gel back and cut short. "You belong in Hogwarts."
"Draco, be polite. She doesn't know what she is." The man spoke, "You're a Wizard."

I have had enough. They were all lies. I pulled out the stick (wand) in my pocket (given as a present from a 'Tom Riddle' for my 10th birthday. Along with a book with 'spells' in it...) and pointed it at the man, "Avada Kedavra." The man pulled out a stick (wand) that looked similar to mine and said something. The 'spell' bounced back at me, I slipped and fell down hard on my back.

"She just..." The boy, Draco starred at me wide eyed.
"Yes." The man put his stick (wand) away, "Come Alex."
I stood up and held on to the stick (wand) tightly. My grasp relaxed as I put it (stick/wand) in my pocket. The man and Draco walked away, I looked around. No one was there but me, I ran to catch up with 'Draco' and who I am assuming is his father.

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