Another Riddle??

Alexandria Riddle has sadly been living with muggles most of her life, but she knows something is wrong with her. She finds this out when a 'Death Eater' shows up and she "Avada Kedavra" him. Then resides to trust the long haired white-blonde and his son.


2. Train

I had followed Draco and his father, they went to buy 'school' supplies. Draco's father had bought supply for me too. It was really weird because I have never had someone buy something let alone, new books, new clothes a broom and much more.

I looked to the side and saw Austin. Quickly I ran after him as he ran down different corners until he went into a shop. I followed him, looking around I didn't see him in the store.

"I told you to say no." Austin steps out of the shadows and sighs.
"Why though? Their really nice...their like me. I'm going to...Hotwerts." I rolled my eyes a little.
"Hogwarts." He corrected. "They are not nice and they are the Malfoys."
"Was wrong with that? And have you been following me?" I threw my hands up into the air and then put them on my hips.
"My name is Austin Black." He waved his wand and disappeared.

"Alex?" Draco stepped into the shop, "You coming. The train is going to leave soon." I nodded and followed him out the door. But it wasn't the street it was the train station.
"Whh--" I stuttered and looked around. Draco was getting on a train. I ran after him, jumped into the train and followed him.

"You need to put your robe on." Draco got up and when he came back he had a robe on. I toke out my wand, pointed it at my self and spoke, "Acquo wordra." My robe was on.
"Nice one." Draco sat down.
"Thanks" I put my wand away before anyone could take it from me.

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