Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


50. Chapter 47

Liliana Pov

It was official me and Harry are together. Again. Now the problem was letting everyone know. And that's what im worried about. But fuck it. I'm finally with the person i want to spend the rest of my life with. I've learned a lot over the past months. And i think im starting to realize all the stupid mistakes i have made. But somehow they always drop you in the right place. Anyways. Right now were on our way home and Harry's driving so the whole car ride has been quiet. I've been looking out the window the whole time. Suddenly i realized the car was parked. "You ready babe?" Harry asked. "Ready." We walked in and the first thing i saw was Zayn.

"Zayn we have something to tell you." He nodded and said "We already know you two are back together." He seemed pist. "How?" Harry and I asked in unison. "The news." Zayn,Liam,Louis and Niall said in unison. We started to explain how this happened and everything and once we were done we were tired. And the boys decided to go to the pub. We decided to stay. As soon as they left me and Harry went upstairs and just .....

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