Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


41. Chapter 38

Lukes Pov


These past days have been the best days of my life. i Really like Liliana. I mean love.Shes just so perfect and i really love her. Today we are going to Taylor Swifts concert. I guess i should tell liliana about me and Taylor. No im not cheating on her. I mean tell her about how a long time ago. 4 months to be exact. Me and taylor dated. 

** Flashback **

"Hey Taylor want to play truth or dare with us?" yelled Ariana.

"Sure." Taylor said.

"Okay Truth or Dare?" Ariana said.

"Dare?" she said.

"I dare you to Kiss Luke." she started to blush and she looked so pretty. and then it happened i kissed her. Well technally she kissed me.But that isnt the point. 

"Truth or Dare?" Jai asked.

" Uhhh... Dare?" i mumbled.

"I dare you to ask taylor out!" Jai said.

i did as told and she said yes and it was all down road from there. We dated for 2 weeks and then we broke up because she was going on tour and i was stuck in Australia. 

** End of Flashback** 

"Lets go!!!!" Liliana yelled.

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