Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


33. Chapter 31

Liliana Pov

Now i was off the plane and i heard my name and turned. It was my aunt. I gave her a fake smile then walked towards her car and i was gone. Like that. So fast. I wonder hoe Zayn's doing.


Zayn Pov

It's been 1month since Liliana left and i still can't think right. It's all my fault. I haven't talked to mom since Liliana left. Soon we were going to leave we just had 1week left and then we would go on tour. I just want to see my sister. Atleast for 5 minutes. As long as i see her. Although we've been facetiming with her a lot. Thanks to Niall. Who told her to facetime us whenever she wanted. Although it's only Liam, Niall and Myself. She says she's fine but i know she's not.


Liliana Pov

It's been 31 days exactly since i first left. I miss them all and i just can't stop thinking about them. I haven't came out my room in 2weeks. I have nothing to do. The good new is i saw Luke. Recently, when me & my aunt went to get some materials she needed to show me how to cook. Yeah i've been hanging out with her a lot lately. Well back to Luke. He saw me and he came over to me and asked what i was doing here and i said "Well i moved here." He nodded in response and then gave me a hug and asked for my number. And i gave it to him. And then he said "So i'll see you around?" I nodded and walked out the store.

Like i said that was 2 weeks ago. We only texted once and then i didn't answer his message. I mean what do you respond to "ok." Like dude no. Anyway I need to get out the house and just get some fresh air. Just not today.

**3 weeks Later**

So 3 weeks have passed. 52 days. Wow. So i finally came out the house. I went to hang out with Luke and he introduced to the Janoskians. Funny huh? I've always watched the Janoskians on youtube. They were on tour in America. And they invited me to one of there concerts. I said yes. So right now i was getting ready for the concert. I wore white skinny jeans, and a light green long sleeve shirt that was above my belly button by 1 inches. And i picked out some light green high heels and a white side bag. I also straighten my hair and did my makeup just the usual black eyelinear and mascara and lip gloss. And i was ready they had told me that someone would come pick me up. And there it was the beep! Beep!

I walked towards the car as the driver opened the door i saw Ariana Grande. She said "Hi Liliana." I responded with "Hello Ariana." I went in and sat next to her. I had already met Ariana Grande a couple months ago. And im guessing she remembered me too.

We got to the concert and we were backstage with the Janoskians. Luke Brooks walked over to me and said "We have great news. One direction is coming out to our show." I smiled happily i was finnally going to see them. They probably had the weekend off or something. I was so happy I hugged Luke. And he hugged back. And he was warm and cuddly. Wow Liliana Stop.

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