Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


28. Chapter 27

Liliana Pov

I walked in and saw all 5 boys looking at me. It was what you call akward silence i broke the silence and said "Now that your all here. I have news. Im moving with my dad." I said trying to hide every emotion i was feeling.

"Where?" Niall asked.

"What?" Harry asked.

"When?" Liam asked.

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"Your Joking Right?!" Louis asked.

"Well it seems im moving to America. This weekend. Because my mom doesn't want me here. And i wish i was joking." I said and just as i said that Eleanor walked in. Great. Note sarcasm.

"Louis!" She screamed. But louis just looked at me. With an apologetic look. Then he said "Eleanor right now. Isn't the moment. Please leave." Eleanor just simply replied with a "No." And then shit got real.

Louis ; Leave Now.

Eleanor ; If you make your girlfriend leave then were done.

Louis ; Sorry Eleanor. I guess this is goodbye. Now leave.

Eleanor; its all because of "Little ms. Whore over here. She said pointing at me.

"Really. Im the whore? Girl you have no idea what your talking about. The only whore here is you. Louis was my boyfriend and you just took him like that. Whore." I said.


Louis Pov

Are they fighting for me? I knew i was sexy but not this much.

"Okay Ladies Calm Down." Liam said.

As Harry pulled Liliana to his side. As they walked to the kitchen to have a conversation. And Liam pulled Eleanor away from him and she then walked out the door and left.


Harry Pov

"Ah Liliana Would You Mind Explaining What I Am To You?" I asked.

"My boyfriend?" She said. It came out like a question.


Liliana Pov

Did Harry just ask me that? Wow.

"Ah Harry why did you ask me that?" I said.

"Because your distant and specially with you moving i dont know if we'd be able to work out a long distance." He said.

"Your breaking up with me?" I said. Trying not to break down infront of him.

"Well." He said.

"Don't bother Harry. You know i get it." I said and as i tried to walk out the kitchen. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a kiss. It was a long kiss and it was passionate and just perfect. Except for the fact that it was a breakup. Dammit. I pulled out from that kiss and just said "Harry stop fucking around with my emotions. I'm sick and tired of false devotion." I said as the tears streamed down my face. "Im sorry." He said. "You know Harry. Im tired of people saying that word. It's like you don't even know what that word means. It's so much better to just forget it." I pecked his lips and went to pack my bags. Im leaving in two days.


Harry's Pov

Dammit!! What did i do. She leaves on Saturday. And i'll probably never see her again. Fuck im such a retard. After i told her i wouldn't do what Louis did to her.


Liliana Pov

My suitcase were ready. But i wasn't i just need to learn to how to forget and forgive. It was 7pm. By the time i finished sorting it. I guess i was going for a walk and then i was coming back to get some rest. I grabbed my phone walked out my room and saw Niall there. "Hey Lil where you going?" He asked. "To the park for a walk." I said. "Can i come?" He asked. "Sure." I said. We walked out the house and started walking to the park. And we sat on the bench and talked.

"So Lil. Don't forget about me. Cause i won't forget about you ever." He whispered.

"No i won't forget. How could i forget about Mr. Blondie over here." I said.

"Really?! Blondie?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"Yes boy. We should probably head home it's 9pm." I said.

He giggled and we started to walk home. Thank god. No one. Notice Niall Horan. I thought.

He laughed. "Wait did i just say this outloud?"

"Yeah" he smirked. Just as i was going to respond we arrived.

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