Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


26. Chapter 25

Harry Pov

She opened her eyes. I quickly ran to her side and asked "How's Sleeping Beauty?"

"Im Okay. I guess." She said.

"Ya Know what you did was wrong." I said trying to be calm about it.

"Im sorry." She said.

"No. Im sorry i should of never left you."

"No." She said.

I was about to say something but she just hugged me. And said "Thank You." I didn't know what she ment but i said "Im going to go call the boys." She nodded and i ran out the room and yelled "Boys !! She woke up!" And they all got up and rushed to her room. Zayn hugged her. He was the first. And than was Liam and Than Niall and than Louis.


Louis Pov

As i was hugging Liliana i whispered in her ear. "Sorry. It's all my fault." She just hugged me tighter. And then her mom walked in. She said "My baby?! How are you?" I could tell Liliana looked confused. I just couldn't tell why. "Im Doing Great. How are you?" Liliana said sarcastically.


Liliana's Pov

Was my mom trying to act like she cared? She has always picked Zayn over me. Zayn was her favorite. And of Zayn weren't here. She wouldn't give a fuck about me. I just want to get far away from everyone. After i said "Im doing great. How are you?" It came out sacastically. She than said "Zayn, would the boys mind leaving me alone with Liliana? We need to talk."

As she said the last part she looked at me. Zayn said "Sure mum." And walked out motioning the boys to follow. And as they did Zayn closed the door. And my mom stood up from my bed and said "Are you mental? Or Something? Why do you do this to yourself? One day your going to cut a vein and ..." She didn't finish her sentence. "And what?" I said trying to hold the tears. "Nothing" she whispered. "You know what mum? One day i am gonna cut my veins and when i do i'll be free. You never cared about me. Your favorite was always Zayn. But yanno i don't mind. I've gotten used to being the second pick. Or even the last pick.and dont worry i'll put you out of your misery (<< Dont Know How to spell that 😁) soon." I said. Her expression was plain. I guess all i said was 1OO % True. And after what seemed like forever she finally spoke saying "Your going to go live with your aunt for the 1 whole year.You can visit on breaks but overall you won't be living here with me. Your leaving this saturday." After she finished she walked out the door. And left me there alone. I cried myself to sleep. No one else came. Not even Zayn. Or Harry. Or even Niall. Anyone? No one.

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