Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


22. Chapter 21

Liliana Pov

I woke up as soon as i heard Zayn scream "Where here!" As Perrie tried to get him to calm down a bit. Zayn has always hated the beach. But he just played it off by trying to seem overly excited. Truth is he can't swim. It was actually funny if you ask me.

I had picked out a black matching victoria secret bikini. And i had some sun glasses and sun screen and everything you need when you go to the beach. The sun was out and so was my smile. That was cheesy. So we all got out the car. Harry was carrying our bags. And was holding my hand at the same time which was just a turn on. I dont even know how. But it was. Soon we got to the sand. And i took out a blanket that i hap packed and laid it down. For me and harry to sit. We sat and i took of my shorts and tank top. To reveal my swim suit. Harry just took off his shirt since he had worn his shorts here. Let me just say his body was beautiful. He than took an tall umbrella out one of the bags and placed it over us so that the sun wouldn't hurt our eyes. I looked over to see Zayn and Perrie and Louis and Eleanor had done the same and so did Niall and Liam. It was pretty relaxing at first until Niall decided he wanted to go for a swim. Liam followed. Then Louis although Eleanor didn't. I asked Harry if he wanted to go but he said not right now. I did so i got up and ran towards the water. We decided to play Marco Polo. We chose to have teams so first went niall and he picked liam. So i guess i was stuck with Louis. I didn't mind though. First up was Liam and Niall they had to be Marco and they had to find me and louis.

Niall ; "Marco?!"

Louis; Polo.

Me ; Polo.

I saw Liam coming towards me and since Louis was next to me. I did the unexpected. I jumped on Louis's back. "Swim !?" I said and he did as told soon were far enough. And he was laughing though he managed to ask me "What was that for?!"

Me ; "Oh well...." "We are a team." I said trying to hold the laughter in.

Louis ; "So as a team that means i can't do this." He smiled picked me up and put me high up and than just let go off me.

While i was under the water i decided to swim to shore to scare Louis so he's think i had drown. Although i was under water i could hear his voice saying "Liliana?! Where are you?" Soon i made it to shore and saw Niall and Liam eating a hot dog. Than i looked for Louis. He was still standing at the same spot where i left him. I called his name. "LOUIS!" And he turned to me and i started to laugh. It was hilarious. He made to shore and first thing he did was laugh. "This isn't over Little Ms. Malik." He said.

Than Harry interuppted "Mrs. Styles" i laughed and hugged him.Did it mean this relationship was serious to him. Not like all the other ones. And who could forget about all those ‘Night Stands’. Anyways i decided not to over think that. I went over to Zayn he was cooking Hot dogs and Burgers on the grill. As soon as he saw me coming he got a plate ready for me. And asked me "hamburger or hotdog." I said hamburger. He handed it to me and asked "ketchup and Mayo?" And i said "Ketchup Yes Mayo No." He responded with a nod. And handed me my food. I went to sit on one of those tables Niall was sitting at and i said "Hey Nialler." "Hey." He chuckled while taking another bite of his hotdogs. I than started to laugh and said "I see someone likes them dogs." He just laughed and than said "You dirty girl. You probably got that from Louis." And i just laughed.

About 5 minutes later Harry came over and said "Wassup?" As he tried to take a bite of my hamburger as i slapped his hands of my food. Niall laughed.

And said "I see you learned something from me." I giggled as Harry bursted out laughing. It was funny untill Eleanor came and said "Could ya'll stop laughing im trying to get a tan."

I just laughed. As she walked away pist off. Going back to lay down on the blanket. "Is she always like that?" I asked. "Yes." I heard a familiar voice Louis.

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