Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


19. Chapter 18

Louis Pov

I invited Eleanor to come to the park with me because she said she was feeling lonley i mean it was good for her and i needed to get my mind of of things. And that "thing" has a name. Liliana Malik.

Eleanor and i decided to have a picnic. We brought some food. Grapes, blueberries and other fruits. It was great. It was really entertaing. And like i said took my mind of off liliana. And i felt the old feelings come back for Eleanor. I leaned in and kissed her totally forgeting about liliana.

And as soon as i broke the kiss. She spoke "does this mean what i think it means?" I nodded in response. Eleanor and i were official. Again.


Liliana Pov

As me and harry were on our way to the park i told him to stop at the nearest store so we could get some food. He parked the car and got out of the car. Making his way over to my side too open my door.

"Thank you Harry."

"Anything for a princess." He smirked

I smiled.

We walked into the store i went to the fruit section and grabbed some strawberries, grapes and other fruits and we got to the cash register to pay for the fruit when i saw a beautiful pink basket i grabbed it and put it next to the fruit. I was getting my money out to pay but Harry took out his wallet and payed.

"That was gentle man like. " i said

"That's because i am a gentleman." He smirked.

I dont know what it was but it made him 100 times hotter. Did i just think that? Oh no. Soon we were back in the car and Harry put everything in the back and hurried to open my door.

We finally got to the park and there was one other couple sitting by. And the guy was laying on the girls laps as the girl fed him grapes. "How cute." I said.

Harry smiled and said "that could be us."

I could feel my cheeks turn brught bright red. Wow. Could that really be us? I mean i need to get over louis after all he was the one that dumped me.

"That could be us ya know." I said

He smiled and held my hand as we walked towards the couple because we wanted to sit under the tree a couple feet away from them.

As we were getting closer the couple was leaning in to kiss. As soon as we got a little closer i could tell it was Eleanor and Louis.

My heart broke into a billion of pieces. Had he forgotten me that quick? Did i mean nothing to him? I walked by as fast i could and pulled harry along. Just as he noticed it was Louis and Eleanor.

We went to sit by the tree. I could no longer hold in the tears. I felt broken both mentally and physically. As much as i wanted to hate him but i couldn't. My heart wouldn't allow me too.

Harry noticed i was crying and sat against the tree and motioned me over to come and sit with him. I did and he motioned me again. But this time to rest my head on his lap he pulled out a blanket he had found in his car and placed it on his lap so it wouldn't be akward.

As soon as i rested my head on his lap he said "It's going to be okay."

How? I said bitting my bottom lip.

"Because look at you. Liliana your beautiful, your the most amazing girl that i have ever met. Any guy would be lucky to have you.

"Like who? Who would be lucky to have a girl like me. I disgust myself."

"Dont ever say that. And you wanna know what?! I would be lucky to have you. Your the girl i think about 24/7 i love you with all my heart and i backed of when you were with louis and know that he left. And broke your heart i have to fight the urge to not punch the shit out of him for letting a girl like you go." He said. "Harry your truly amazing thank you for being here for me." I said.

I looked up to him and he was looking at me in the eyes i couldn't help but stare. One thing led to another and we kissed. It was like the one we had before. Passionate and truly amazing. As soon as we broke the kiss.

"Sor-..." I cut him off.

"Dont be i wanted it as badly as you." He smiled in response.

Soon he spoke and said "Liliana i know it's way too soon but i love you i know you dont feel the same but could you give me a shot? And i swear you wont regret it."

"No." I said.

Harry had a pained expression. And than i said "No. I wont regret it. That's a yes."

His faced changed emtions so fast i almost didn't notice he leaned in to kiss me. This time it was longer and even better it lasted untill we both couldn't breathe. We got up and headed to the car.

I noticed Eleanor and louis weren't there anymore which ment they had left. Bit honestly i could care less. If he was happy with Eleanor why couldn't i be happy with Harry. As we walked to car i pecked him on the lips alot. His lips were just so kissable and him well even more. He seemed happy and i couldn't deny that i was also happy. Happy with harry. The car ride seemed extremely short. And me and harry talked about telling them that we were officially a couple.

Soon we got home and as i opened the door we saw the boys with Eleanor. Louis and Eleanor were holding hands. Wow that was such a suprise. (Note sarcasim.)

"Hey" i greeted everyone including Louis and Eleanor. I mean we had to get over it we were gonna live together for 2 months why not? They all greeted me back.

I grabbed Harry's hand and said we got something to tell you and it's really important.

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