Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


18. Chapter 17

Liliana Pov

"Hey louis." I said

"Hey Liliana." Louis said shyly

"We need to talk." I said

"Yeah we do. Boys would ya'll mind leaving us alone." He said

They all agreed and walked out the living room and than i motioned Louis to sit next to me on the couch.

"So..." I said

"I think we should take a break. I mean i love you but..."

"But what?" I said

"It's the best for us and i hope you'll understand." As he stood up getting ready to leave.

"You know what?! No i don't understand. You know im so sick of never understanding. The truth is i love you. But if your too stupid to see that than i'm probably just better off without you." I said also standing up.

"Dont say that!" Louis spoke.

"Dont say what?! Why cant you just love me like i love you?"

"I do love you. I fucking love you with all my fucking heart but im just scared." He said.

"Scared for what?! For me or for you? You know what fuck it. If you want to leave than leave. Im not gonna beg you to stay cause im just tired you know?! Tired of this world? Tired of myself. And most of all im tired of being alive. Becauseit hurts so bad."

"I Love You!" He shouted as tears fell from his eyes.

"Louis you dont love me. You dont destroy the people you love and you know what if you want to leave im not going to hold you back. You made your choice and it wasn't me so if one day you try to come back and the choice is mine it wont be you." I said crying as i ran to my room and locked myself in there.

➖2 Weeks Later-

That's the last thing i ever told Louis. I keep repeating in my head everything that had happened and i still couldn't accept it. But the fact that he was the one who backed away and didn't even try to go through it together and fix everything.

Killed everything that was left in my inside. Lately i've been in my room or at practice and i've gotten really depressed.

I dont know what happend i swore i'd never feel this way for a guy. Lately me and Zayn have become closer and he's there for me and im thankful. And harry well harry has been there the whole time.

This could really be the start of something new. The thing is i can't forget about Louis. Is he over me already? Does he care? Did he even care? I just wish i knew.

I try to stay as far away from him. Right now im in my room lostening to the only song that helps me get through this Breath me by Sia and it calms me down when boxing and gymnastics Can't.

I'm just sick of sitting here and feeling sorry about my self.

I texted Harry.

Me ➖ Harry , want to go to the park? ;|

Harry ➖Your asking me on a date? ;D jkjk && Sure :)When?

Me ➖ Right Now ;D

Harry ➖ Alright Be Upstairs In ... How much time do you need?

Me ➖ 1O minutes is fine.

Harry ➖ okay ;) be there in 1O im going to be counting ;D

I quickly got up and put my hair into a ponytail. Put some black shorts and a white long sleeve floral shirt and did my makeup which was only lip gloss , eyelinear, mascara And foundation.

Then, i grabbed some low cut converse. And my phone and just as soon as i started tying my shoe harry knocked on the door and i said "Come in." He opened the door and slid in and saw me tying my shoe and said "Let me get that for you babe" and he lifted my foot and tied it for me. "let's go i said as we got downstairs we saw everyone but Louis.

I really need to stop caring and focus on my future with Harry. Of course if he still likes me.

As we were walking down they were all shocked to see me finally comeout of my room. I than said "It was about time i came out my room." They all smiled at me and came up to hug me first was Niall, than Liam and last but not least zayn which was slightly a little longer hug than Nialls.

Than Harry said "Do i get a hug?"

"No." I said trying not laugh

The boys also laughed and than harry made the puppy dog face. And i said "Come her Harold." As i streched my arms reaching for him and he gladly hugged me back. "Were off to the park see ya'll later" i said.

And than it was 12pm at noon and we better get to the park. Than we walked out the door and got into his car.


Niall Pov

Harry and liliana had just left they were off to ?

Hey Zayn where are liliana and harry going to?

"The park i think." Zayn said

"Holy Crap!!" I shouted

"What?!" Liam && Zayn Said.

"Isn't Louis and Eleanor going to the park to? "

"Holy shit your right." Zayn said

"Let's hope there's more than one park." Liam said.

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