Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


14. Chapter 13

Liliana Pov

They looked as if they had just seen a ghost. But then i got up changing the subject to going out to eat. They all seemed to agree so we grabbed our coats and headed to car. (Yes we all fit) Zayn was driving liam and niall both sad on each if my sides leaving Louis && harry to go sit in the back. Which i thought would just make a huge mess but to my suprise everything and everyone was calm && mature. It was quiet. I liked it quiet. Soon Zayn asked "Where We Going?" I felt like going to Wendy's so i said "Wendy's Please" nobody disagreed so thats where we were heading. Suddenly i got a text .... From Louis oh lord my heart beat faster as i clicked on the message.

Louis ; Babeee ! <3

I felt the feelings come back at why i loved Louis with all my heart. I felt my fingers start to type a respond which consisted of "Loubear ;) <3"

I realized how stupid that was after i had pressed "send" omg i was blushing harder than i have ever in my whole life. Oh lord please help me? Than i felt it vibrate i read the message from louis and it said "I Love You ;)<3 " i smiled at the message but just as i was gonna reply Zayn said "Where Here." It had been a good half a hour since i've heard Zayn talk. But we all shoved eachother out the door. To my suprise Niall was the first one out. Than after Niall was Harry , && Liam && zayn had already came out so i was next but i felt arms around my hip knowing it was louis i smiled and took his hands off i mean my brother was inches away. I walked out and louis followed we all entered Wendy's. Zayn offered to go order and Harry said he's going to. While liam went to the bathroom and Niall he was sitting at the table impatiently. Oh help us lord!!! I said to myself and Louis sat next to me which i thought was adorable and i turned to face him and i whispered in his ear "I love you" He smiled and as i backed away from his ear he kissed my cheek and said "of course." And i went back to sitting normally but smiling i had noticed Harry looking at me like he was about to stab someone that harry truly scared me but f*** that. I had also noticed that Niall was gone and i asked Louis "Lou Do you know where Niall went?" "yeah To the bathroom to get Liam You didnt here him?" "I guess not" i replied embarassed.

Soon all 4 boys returned to the table we ate and laughed it was great and When i looked in Louis's eyes i fell inlove all over again. I loved this boy with all my life. And then there was Harry Styles. I didn't love Harry i have to admit i "liked" him and deep inside i know i feel something for him but no one will ever know. Soon after we were done so we headed to the car i was the first one in and sat next to the window seat and put on my earphones and played my favorite song "Legendery" by the summer set . I could feel tears roll down my eyes when the song sang "Dont Be Afraid To die. Cause to die would be an awfully big adventure one day i stopped believing now my friends say there so bored of me i used to be real boy with real plans and now im just reality tv" i've always listen to this song when i felt sad , guilty and anxious. I didnt know why but i cried. After all these months without Zayn i've learned to cry in silence. I dont know who was sittting next to me but i could feel his fingers wipe my tears away i turned and it was Harry?!

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