Choice *Completed*

Liliana Malik. Beauty,fame && Fortune. Perfect life. Oh and she's Zayn Maliks from 1D's sister as you can tell. She's stunning. And what's the problem you may ask? She has trouble deciding what she wants. Or should we say "Who" she wants.


13. Chapter 12

Liliana pov

I was in my room waiting for one of them to come give me a lecture. I was waiting on either Zayn Or Louis.


Harry Pov

I called all the boys downstairs i cant believe what liliana had just done. Like wtf. I should've said something when Carla took her bottle water but no i just let it happen secretly hoping it would happen the other way. Anyways soon after i called the boys to come and help me with her. They all surrounded her. As they all asked "What Happend?!" I told them the whole story how liliana knocked her out with one punch.

They all looked shocked and were just there standing up silently untill louis broke the silence and started laughing. We looked at him and asked why he was laughing but all he could do is laugh than niall joined him than Zayn && than me && that left us with liam tryinng so hard not laugh untill he couldn't hold it in and started laughing with us. Soon carla woke up and said "What happend?!" And we all stopped laughing and i told her i was better for me to take her home. She agreed and we got into my car i drove her all the way to her house dropped her off than came back to find all four boys waiting for me. Liam spoke up and said "Were waiting for you to talk to Liliana." Zayn got up and went upstairs. I was confused but sat in between Niall && Liam. Soon Zayn came downstairs with liliana she looked so beautiful. I couldnt help but stare. But soon i looked away. They sat down across from Niall , Liam && I. As she spoke up.


Liliana Pov

They told me that they needed to talk to me and i knew exactly what they wanted to talk about. That whore i saw earlier. I couldn't help but smile at what i did to her. It was hilarious. But i knew it was wrong. But anyways. After a good half an hour zayn knocked on my door and told me to follow him so i did. He took me downstairs were all 4 boys were sitting i sat in between Louis && Zayn. And than Harry spoke up. "Liliana I deserve an apology?"

"No You dont deserve an apology." I said.

"Excuse me?" He said

"Your excused." i said

He got so mad. I thought he was going to pop. But no i wasn't scared.

Soon. Niall spoke up. "Lil why would you do that?"

"Do what?!" i asked

"Knock out a girl who didn't do shit to you." he said

"Wtf?! She took my water bottle. Called me a little girl and Harry over here didn't do shit to stop he just sat there giggling secretly hopin it would happen the other way. Am i right Harry"

It was dead quiet untill i spoke up. "&& why the hell do i have to apologize to harry? I didn't do nothing to you and if anything you should apoligize to me."

Harry stayed quiet untill he said "Because that was my girlfriend."

That made my heart pop out for a second as i stood quiet. And said "Nice girlfriend you got though." as i sat down.

He smiled and said "well you asked for it."

Harry quickly stood up and said "My Girlfriend Carla Happens to Be a boxer."

"That's funny and it happens that im also a boxer."

Zayn stood up and said "Huh you're a boxer?"

"Yeah how do you explain me knocking her out with one punch? You think that was luck?"

They were dead quiet.

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