Lives changed forever!

Sophie is Niall's daughter (No-one knows about niall having a daughter and a wife) and they live an happy life until a girl called Gemma Ruins everything and their lives change forever!

This is my first fanfiction hope you like it, feel free to leave tips in the comments.


2. Surprise!

I woke up in the morning around 9 am. My phone started making a noise, it was my dad, he sang happy birthday to me then all the boys joined in, we spook for about an hour the he said he has a busy day today so he had to go. I laid in bed looking around my room, wishing he could be here. About 10 mins later my mum came in, she had put more makeup then she usually does, she smiled at me then sat on the end of my bed and said "happy birthday hunny." Then the door bell rang, i looked at mum, she smiled and whispered "you get that it's your birthday" i smiled then ran, i couldn't, it could, is it my dad. I opened the door and then i saw my next door neighbours, i smiled but i was a bit upset it was them, i wanted it to be dad, they gave me a present, i said thanks then closed the door in their faces but i didn't really care. I was about to go in the living room but then my mum shouted"STOP" then ran down the stairs grabbed me and told me to close my eyes,so i did then she opened the door and herd a voice say "SURPRISE" it was my dad, i started to cry and ran up and hugged him, he gave me my first birthday present it was an Iphone and that's what i really wanted, he helped me set it up. Later on around 12pm there was an knock at the door, i went to open it then i saw Gemma at the door i was shocked didn't no what to say then she shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" then pushed pass me and went it to my kitchen i shouted "GET OUT" but it was too late he had already seen pictures of me and Niall the worst thing was it said 'best dad in the world' she looked shocked then ran out, i chased after her i shouted "PLEASE DON'T TELL ANYONE PLEASE" then a ran in crying i told mum and dad, Niall called his agent.


1 hour later there were millions of fans and news reporters waiting outside our house. I started to cry but dad grabbed me and mum  told us it would be okay but i wasn't sure. I asked dad were are we going to go and he said "Ireland" then he smiled for me and mum our life's are going to change forever. 



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